post the first

3 May

Here it is, our first post!! We thought we’d share the story of how we met and became friends, from each of our perspectives, so our readers can get to know us a little better.

How we met….according to Jen:
I met Anne my freshman year of college. She lived next door to one of my high school pals. We remained acquaintances for those first 2 years. Then, we ended up living together in a 6-person apartment our junior year. We both had been accepted into the Spain study abroad program for that spring. This year is when we really got to be close friends. We were anxiously planning our study abroad trip and commiserating about being away from our boyfriends for 4 months. While in Spain, we became pretty much inseparable. It helped that our host families lived close to each other. After our time in Spain, we traveled through Europe with 2 other friends. This is when I knew our friendship was a keeper. During that time of being with 3 other people non-stop in foreign countries, I never grew tired of hanging out with Anne. Apparently it’s impossible for her to bug me.  She’s been my best bud ever since. We lived together until she got married, we went on a 3-week vacation together in Spain post- college, we were each others’ maids-of-honor and now live about 2 miles apart.

As luck would have it, we both have become food fanatics.

How we met, according to Anne:
I remember meeting Jen once during our freshman year in college. Towards the end of sophomore year when living arrangements were being decided for the following year, I heard that Jen was going to be one of five other roommates I’d have sharing a three bedroom apartment for the first half of our junior year. I also knew that Jen was planning to study abroad on the same program as me in Spain during the second half of junior year. I thought to myself I better like this chick if we’re going to be spending so much time together this year! I’m quite certain I knew that Jen and I were going to become good friends during the first few weeks and months of our apartment sharing when we’d stay up late chatting and laughing about nonsense. We also threw some wicked parties. In a nutshell, this girl knows how to have a good time! Our friendship really clicked during our semester in Spain where we laughed, cried, and had many an adventure together. I feel so lucky that Jen and I have remained close (friendship-wise, and location-wise!) ever since we graduated from college…which just so happens to feel like eons ago. I laugh to myself when I think about how a hearty meal for us used to consist of bowls of generic cereal or a crunchy (undercooked) rice dish that I once erroneously prepared for one of our legendary roommate dinners.  We’ve come a long way, baby! And now, here we are, blogging about food, cooking, dining out, living healthy…and perhaps an occasional black soul bitch session rant or two.

Welcome readers! We’re glad to have you. Please sit down and stay awhile.


Nostalgia...This is one of the first pictures of us together. Notice what we've been snacking on? Looks like cool ranch doritos, watermelon, and wild cherry pepsi.


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