The Garden

5 May

This is our second year of backyard vegetable gardening. I’ll give you a brief history on why we started said garden. First, Brette was constantly battling with our lawn in the backyard. For many reasons, grass has struggled in this area; the dog being the first three reasons. Brette was getting very frustrated by the failed attempts at grass and said, “why don’t we just put in some raised garden beds?” This was a great idea to me as I am/was very interested in knowing where my food comes from and it can’t get any closer than 20 feet from my kitchen. So, Brette built the beds, we ordered a load of organic dirt/compost, and I planted vegetables. We learned a lot in our experimental year. I learned that thinning does make a difference, tomatoes will always take up more room than you think, and that eggplant and carrots are the most satisfying things to grow. On to year two.

Here is a shot from last year.  The dead grass is a result of Phase I of the War on Crabgrass.

The end of the season 2008
The end of the season 2008
The fruits of labor

In year two, an expansion was in order. Although we had great success in year one, we definitely had room in the yard and room in our stomachs for more. This year, Brette built on a Tomato Annex and installed a drip irrigation system (He is threatening to Blog about this topic. Stay Tuned). Did you know there are web sites specifically for ordering drip irrigation system parts? I didn’t either until the box from the Drip Depot arrived at our door.

So far I’ve planted all my frost tolerant vegetables including; carrots, beets, parsnips, kale, radishes, lettuce, brussels sprouts, spinach, arugula, green onions, leeks, swiss chard, snap peas, and potatoes.

Here are some photos of the garden’s current state:

After the 1st planting

After the 1st planting

A close up of the emitters

A close up of the emitters

Stay tuned for future farm reports with the exciting progress and what to do with the vegetables when harvested. There is nothing more satisfying than a delicious, home grown, meal.


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