Review: An afternoon at the Grey Dog

11 May

On a recent work trip to New Jersey, I found myself with a free afternoon and time to kill before making my way to the JFK airport. So, I did what every Minnesotan would do. I headed to the west village of Manhattan and tried to blend in while hauling a piece of luggage and wearing business casual attire. I tried to keep my map hidden and act like I knew where I was going, but I’m pretty sure I was busted.

I had received a recommendation (2 actually) for the Grey Dog Cafe. I managed to find it fairly easily from the PATH station.  Just a few wrong turns and hidden glances at the map and there I was at the Grey Dog. It was everything I thought it could be; loud, packed, full of random decor, and a tad bohemian. Most of the diners were in flip flops and urban grunge clothing so I was a bit out of place in my corporate attire and suitcase in tow,  but no one seemed to care, least of all me. I loved it.

The food at the Grey Dog ranged from my Green Apple w/ Brie, Raspberry mustard and Turkey sandwich on sourdough to Baja Fish Tacos to North African Pot stickers.  Bevvies ranged from a variety of coffees and teas, a mystery wine list and PBR on tap. I went with the Raspberry Iced Tea and it was divine. My sandwich was delish. I am a sucker for fruit on a sandwich. Then there is my love of raspberries and mustard. Separately I love them both, but what was this? Combined into one? Raspberry Mustard – could this be? It was.  Heaven. Combine the tangy fruit and mustard with the velvety brie and the turkey goodness and I was a very happy woman.  Sometimes there is nothing better than a good sandwich, especially if the bread is a soft sourdough. That sandwich is one of the many reasons I could never completely give up the white stuff, but that’s a different post for a different day.

I would definitely go back to the Grey Dog. There was so much more on the menu I wanted to try including but not limited to their version of a Rueben, Tempeh Banh Mi and the potstickers.  Next time, I might try to dress a bit more like an urban hipster.

photo is from their web site as I was without a camera.

photo is from their web site as I was without a camera.


One Response to “Review: An afternoon at the Grey Dog”

  1. anne May 11, 2009 at 9:31 pm #

    Very jealous of your afternoon with time to kill in a fun city! I can totally picture you toting luggage in your business casual while trying to conceal a map. Glad nothing ‘because it’s us-ish’ happened.

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