Anne has a menu this week!

14 Jun

Not that you care, because this isn’t very detailed and I’m not including any recipes. I’m doing this for myself (and any other meal-planning haters out there!) to prove that I can do it and that it does make life easier. (Oh and check out my week- I have a couple freebie nights thrown in there!)

Sunday: 5-minute Salad of Goat Cheese and White Beans (a la Ellie, p. 116); baguette

Monday: grilled 1/2 young chicken, served with some type of potato or sweet potato, and some type of veggie like corn on the cob or salad

Tuesday: ANNE DINES OUT WITH TWO FRIENDS! But still has the pleasure of cooking for husband and child. She will be making: TACOS. And will be having the leftovers for dinner on…

Wednesday: …when Pat has softball and fine dining for Ryan and I solo is not required.

Thursday: BLTs; chips and (hopefully) homemade salsa; and something else…I’m bad about planning sides until the last minute

Friday: We will be in Duluth and my MOM will be cooking!! (Right, mom?)

Note: Monday’s 1/2 chicken meal was originally intended for Sunday night’s meal, but we made a late-afternoon trip here, and then weren’t very hungry at dinnertime.

Note2: We have fresh fruit at almost every meal as well, I just didn’t add that into my menu because it’s a given. It’s our dessert:) Just like those Spaniards, we are.

What are YOU planning for this week?


Oh and also…I wrote a piece on dining out pre- and post- children, and debated about where I should post it. I ultimately chose here due to the amount of momblog content, but go on ahead and click over to read about my recent dining out experience.


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