free Izzy scoop to celebrate 9 years? I’m there!

29 Jul

The small one and I booked it over to Izzy’s this afternoon, trying to get there before the ‘fun kiddie activities’ ended at 4:00pm. We made it with plenty of time to spare, and could have joined in the fun of face painting and cake walking had my kid not flipped the flip out about every little thing that was happening in his world today. (If you’re so inclined, read about that end of things here.) Anyway, during the 5-ish minutes I was there Izzy’s seemed to have a decent showing of customers turning out to receive a free Izzy-scoop cone, or an extra Izzy scoop on a regular ice cream order. {For those of you who are unfamiliar, Izzy’s is famous for topping off your dish or cone of ice cream with a separate mini scoop- the Izzy– of any flavor of your choosing. This is great for when you adore one flavor, but really want a taste of another flavor too.} The employees were all welcoming and gracious and happy, as were the youngins who were handing out balloons and greeting customers.

The eats: My kid requested a “brown one” cone, so I ordered him up the Izzy-scoop cone of Milk Chocolate. The kid then began flipping the flip out, so I was under all sorts of pressure and duress to place my order and get the heck out of there before things hit the fan with my kid. So I went with the tried and true single-scoop Oreo in a sugar cone, and then for my Izzy scoop I got a Chai, and then for my FREE Izzy scoop I got a Cinnamon. I was then forced (again under duress, again by a 2 year old) to scarf down my cone at a much faster pace than I would normally like in order to savor the flavors, but I was able to enjoy every bite and really liked the flavor combo that I chose for my cone. As dessert, I also got to devour the 2 year old’s Milk Chocolate Izzy cone which was delicious and would merit ordering in the future.

Concluding thoughts: Izzy’s, I love you. I could eat you everyday. It is a good thing you are located relatively far, far away from my home or I would be broke and weighing in near 300 lbs.

Happy 9th, Izzy’s!!

p.s. I brought my camera along to document the cuteness of a free Izzy cone, but due to aforementioned toddler issues, I wasn’t able to take one picture).


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