dining out

31 Jul

After tomorrow night, I will have dined out three (that’s THREE!) nights in a row. This is unheard of!!

Night #1: Last night (Thursday). Family fun dining. I had intended to prepare a meal for last night’s dinner. I was going to grill chicken burgers with a bit of a Greek flair. Then I cut into my package of ground chicken, and was blown over by the stench of the meat. It was bad bad rottten bad. So, I immediately dialed the husband and said “we’re eating out. Think of somewhere between you and us and we’ll meet.” So he chose Patrick’s Bakery and Cafe because kids eat free on Thursdays. I had never been before and wasn’t so sure about having dinner at a bakery, but the hubs had heard good things and so we went. The menu consists of some French entrees, some burgers, some sandwiches, some salads. Pat had a fancy Frenchy burger on baguette, and I went with the good old fashioned cheese burger (both of which were ginormous) and Ryan went with the kiddie grilled cheese. He ate about 900 french fries, 7 bites of sandwich, and a speck of his tomato. I wasn’t walking out of there without trying one of the delectible-looking European desserts, so I got us a coconut cinnamon cake with a cream inside and a passion fruit creme top, with fresh raspberries on top of that. I don’t think Pat was the biggest fan, but Ryan and I loved and devoured it.

Night #2: Tonight (Friday). Dining with friends and drinking wine. (Yay!! Yay!!). We’re going to Spill the Wine. I’ve never been, so that’s a bit of a thrill because it’s always fun to try new places. They have quite an extensive wine list…I’m sure we’ll all find something to suit our fancies! I’m interested to see what their dinners are like, since they seem to be primarily wine focused.

Night #3: Tomorrow (Saturday). Dining with husband- alone. (Yay!! Yay!!). I don’t even think he knows it yet! I haven’t thought of where we’ll go or what we’ll do for our date, but it will involve a restaurant of some kind. Stay tuned…


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