a walking cliche

3 Aug

That’s me. Today I walked across the alley, knocked on a neighbor’s door, and asked to borrow a cup of sugar. Well, technically I asked for 1.5 cups of brown sugar, but still. How cliche!

I just got done baking Coconut Zucchini Blondies that I found on A Crafty Lass. She described them as cake-like, becoming more dense as the hours passed. When I pulled mine out of the oven they were quite dark around the edges, and quite liquidy in the middle. Yipe. We’ll see what the afternoon brings, as I’m planning to take these along as tonight’s dessert for dinner at the in laws’.

Just in case- I have a dough boy brownie mix in the cupboard if things get desperate. [I’m also not sure certain members of the in-law clan are really going to dig a “dessert” containing zucchini and nuts…hehe. Maybe I’ll prepare the dough boy mix anyway, for those traditionalists out there…]


One Response to “a walking cliche”

  1. Jim August 3, 2009 at 11:19 pm #

    I was just served a trick apple cobbler made with zucchini instead of apples. It was really tasty and I never would have known if the cook didn’t tell me! Erik has also made a zucchini lasagna on the grill which is very good. Zucchini is like the tofu of vegetables!

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