a few dining out updates

11 Aug

As mentioned here, I had plans to dine out three nights in a row a couple weeks back. Night #1- you can read about that here.

Night #2…I went to Spill the Wine with two friends. I had some doubts about this place in regards to their dinner fare, and it turns out my doubts were warranted. I’m not sure any of us would say we were exactly pleased with our meals. First though, let’s backtrack to the wine. We began by asking our server if they had any current wine specials/recommendations. For it being a wine bar specializing in WINE, I was quite surprised that the waitress had to read from a notebook in order to provide us with information on their wines. After a lengthy description of the whites and reds, we made our selections. Friend A ordered a white that the waitress described as having a flavor of ‘honey buttered toast.’ Friend J ordered a Reisling, and I had a tempranillo. When the wine was brought to our table, the waitress didn’t know which white was which, had to holler over to the bartender for help, and then proceeded to sniff the two glasses of white to determine which was which. I’m no wine connoisseur, but I found that a bit off-putting. Anyway, I was pleased with my glass of tempranillo, and I believe Friend J liked her Reisling. We all agreed though, that the glass of ‘honey buttered toast’ wine that Friend A ordered didn’t taste anything of the sort.

Now the food. I ordered a poached pear salad for an appetizer. It was nothing special; and the pear itself can only be described as ‘zesty’ with a very odd flavor that sparked and zapped on my tongue. For the entree I ordered the gnocchi. It was not what I was expecting…it came served in a very rich cream sauce, with chunks of re-heated, mass-produced chicken breast (I did not order it with chicken, and chicken was not mentioned on the menu.) The cream sauce was too heavy and had an odd flavor, and the chicken breast was just unnecesary. It was a rather disappointing meal. Friend J had the same entree I did and I believe had the same sentiments I did. Friend A ordered a salmon burger, and since she had never ordered a salmon burger before and thus had nothing to compare it to, said it was “okay.” It was quite unanimous that we’d be passing on dessert, so then we headed on over to Crema Cafe where I indulged in a completely decadent homemade carrot-cake-with-coconut cream-cheese-frosting A LA MODE with vanilla bean ice cream. Maybe I was just still hungry from my disappointing meal, but this dessert was absolutely fabulous, and where can you find better ambiance than Crema’s little Italian piazza? (Until it starts storming of course).

Night #3…date night for hubby and I. We had planned on dining out at Blackbird, but after being hit by a wicked migraine following a stroll around the lake, we ditched the dinner plans and I went home and went to bed. At about 9:00 Pat was starving and just couldn’t be bothered to scrape some food out of the fridge when he had planned all day on dining out, so he headed over to Dominguez to get some Mexican take-out. Which I have to say was quite tasty, albeit a bit pricey according to Pat.

Blackbird review forthcoming…we did make it there this past weekend and have some great things to report!!


One Response to “a few dining out updates”

  1. Willa August 13, 2009 at 2:12 pm #

    I have always wondered about Spill the Wine. Now I know not to waste my time nor $.

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