how does your garden grow?- update #2

22 Aug

A few months back I shared with you a photo of my windowsill garden. One of these two pots failed to produce; the other grew a nice green sprout and grew and grew, and then stopped. And then I took both miniature pots and dumped the contents out the backdoor. And forgot about them. Well looky here…it seems the zinnias took off on their own, in amidst my snow-on-the-mountain, rose bush, and marigolds! (I don’t really know if these are zinnias. I think I remember that’s what the mini-pot package said when I picked it up from the dollar section at Tar-jey Boutique).


Here’s another fun little story. Ryan has a dried bean indoor sandbox that I let him play with on occasion. At the end of these play sessions I sweep up the errant beans, along with the kitchen floor crumbs and dog hair tumbleweeds, and toss the whole lot out the backdoor. Well, it seems one of the beans took root in my marigold bed, and TA DA, we have ourselves a successful, thriving bean plant!!! Just look at the beauties growing on this plant!



Pat is none too pleased that the green beans that he PURPOSEFULLY planted have shriveled up and died, while my accidental beans flourish. Heh heh.


2 Responses to “how does your garden grow?- update #2”

  1. Carin August 23, 2009 at 9:32 am #

    Sometimes it’s the accidental plantings that grow better than the planned ones…nice job. You have green thumb and youd didn’t even know it!


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    […] breaks to read stories, help someone use the bathroom, stroll around the block, clean up spilled bean bin, manage a time-out, feed a dog, etc. etc. …..BUT STILL. I consider this meal kinda involved […]

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