7 Sep

Sometimes the meals that I come up with to serve for dinner cause me to laugh aloud when I sit down to eat them. I may have mentioned before that I really do not like to cook, so I tend to search out the simple and fast meals that require little to no work or forethought.

Here’s a recent meal that made me giggle as I was serving it to my family: “homemade” pizza (homemade in quotes because I used one of those packaged Boboli crusts [OMGiKNOW!OhTheHorrors!HowCanICallMyselfABlogCo-AuthorWithJen??????], but the toppings were quite lovely (fresh mozz, garden tomatoes, garden basil); a side of raw green beans from my dad’s garden; a side of refrigerator pickles prepared by my mother. I guess the main course- the pizza- wasn’t really that laughable, but I was more laughing at the side items that I served. Another evening this week 5:17pm rolled around and I hadn’t planned dinner, so I decided on spaghetti with some jarred sauce dumped on top (shprinkled with parm of course), with a side of some really delicious sweet corn on the cob. I’d also categorize that as a laughable meal. Spaghetti with corn on the cob? Whatevs. What is really funny about all this is that these types of meals- the laughable ones?? They get me lots and LOTS of praise from the two year old.

And what mother doesn’t want to hear “MMMmmmMMM!!!! This spaghetti is GOOD mommy!!!!!!!!”


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