tour de farm

7 Oct

Last Sunday night Pat and I attended 2009’s final Tour de Farm dinner at Star Thrower Farm in Glencoe, MN. We weren’t really sure what to expect of the experience, other than some cold temps and some great food. Having heard snippets of stories from others who had attended various Tour de Farm dinners throughout the summer, Pat thought it would be a fun experience to gift me for our anniversary. Admittedly slightly doubtful of the level of fun to be attained at a farm on a cold October day, what I lacked in expectations I definitely made up for in curiosity.


The owners of Star Thrower Farm raise Icelandic sheep. They milk the sheep and create fabulous cheeses from the milk. The sheep get to wander around in these lush green pastures all day, and are taken in to be milked twice a day. We got to pass through the milking room during the evening milking.

The whole set-up hit a little too ‘Medela-breast-pump’ close to home for me.

A farm frolic!!

After some cocktails, appetizers, and a tour of the farm, we all filed into the awesome barn that was to be the location for our evening meal. Legend has it the barn had been filled with hay, and it took a good few days of cleaning and leaf-blowing to get it all cleared out and dining-ready. It looked amazing! Long tables were set up with white linens, white chairs, and canning-jar centerpieces alit with beeswax candles.


The meal was served in five courses, with a northern Italian theme.

Course one: Light and fluffy pastry crust pizza with blue sheep’s cheese, squash, kale and corn. Delicious.


Course two: Salad of micro-greens and flowers (grown on-site at Star Thrower, I do believe), atop a sheep’s-milk yogurt salad of potatoes, lentils, and trout. Extremely flavorful and delicious.


Course three: Some sort of homemade pasta (YUM) and rabbit. (bunnies! I know. I ate bunnies.) Mmmm, delectable, flavorful juices!


Course four: The mother-load of polenta with tomatoes. Served with some really delicious, flavorful lamb (and I don’t normally like lamb! I know, I ate lambies too!). And the polenta…I just have to add a side note. You should have heard the moans and groans of pleasure regarding the polenta from the people sitting around me. Apparently it was beyond excellent. I’m not a polenta connoisseur- just something about the texture that rubs me the wrong way- but the polenta was tasty. Especially with the addition of those fresh tomatoes. I know that Pat ate his weight in polenta and lamb that night.



Course five: DESSERT!! I was hoping for a tad bit of chocolate, but was not disappointed with what we received. Three different kinds of holy-crap-is-that-ever-good cheese; marcona almonds; and mini apple pies (with cheddar as topping). Sooo good!!! (I ate three pies).


Needless to say, we left this event totally and completely STUFFED. Everything was so good, and the ambience was amazing, and the people we met and spent the evening with were great. I’d definitely do it again! {And if you’re interested, here’s another set of photos and some more detailed food descriptions care of a local celebrity}.


4 Responses to “tour de farm”

  1. kristi October 7, 2009 at 8:40 pm #

    Looks like a great meal! I have never had polenta before, I might have to try it just to see what it’s all about

  2. jen October 8, 2009 at 9:15 am #

    Yum, yum and yum. Did Pat eat the yogurt salad?

    • anne October 8, 2009 at 1:46 pm #

      Yes. You couldn’t even tell it was yogurt.

  3. Fav Sista October 9, 2009 at 1:30 pm #

    Anne, this is great. I would love to take Gary to something like this. Your photo’s are awesome too. I almost feel like I was there except I didn’t get to eat the lambies or bunnies :0)

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