goodnight garden

25 Oct

Wasn’t Saturday gorgeous?

It was such a perfect fall day here in MN – at least for me. I don’t think I could have planned my day any better than it turned out if I had actually tried to plan it. I accomplished things and enjoyed myself.  Here is what my day looked like:

  • coffee with Anne at one of my favorite coffee shops
  • last trip of the season to the farmer’s market
  • read the latest issue of Food & Wine magazine
  • 4 mile run with the dog
  • completed necessary yard work
  • prepared one of my (and Brette’s) favorite fall/winter recipes – coming soon!
  • went to a movie with my cute husband

One of the completed task from the day is a bit bittersweet. I officially put the garden to bed. All that remains is dirt. Part of me feels good about it. I had a very productive garden this year – it was very busy. It has filled my freezer and my cupboard.

It needs a nap.

Plus, I enjoy the fall and the preparations for winter. Isn’t this why I live here – so I appreciate all seasons? Now I can look forward to hearty soups/stews, wearing my plethora of fleece items, and not feeling guilty about being curled up on my couch in cozy pants all day.

I will miss being able to walk outside and pluck something out of the ground and call it a meal.  I will miss the “freshness” factor. I’m already looking forward to planting in the spring….once I get my fill of cozy pants.

IMG_4331Back to being dirt….

IMG_5610Remember when it looked like this??

IMG_4337Either Lily is sad too or she can’t wait to get her paws in the dirt now that all the green stuff is gone…

I hope you all enjoyed the nice day – they have been very few and far between. Happy Fall!


One Response to “goodnight garden”

  1. the Provident Woman October 26, 2009 at 1:16 pm #

    We built raised gardens this year. I love them. The plants that we planted in ones that weren’t raised didn’t do so hot.

    Just wanted to let you know I have a giveaway on my site.

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