the last nice day

21 Nov

I rode 24 miles on my bike today.

It’s November 21st.

I live in Minnesota.

That should not be possible. Some years, we’ve had multiple snow storms by now.  Granted, it was not go to the beach weather, but it was 50 degrees! That is definitely balmy for a MN November day.

I thought my bike and I had parted ways back in September.

However, my friend Meghan asked me to join her for a bike ride since it might just be the last nice day of the year. Meghan can talk me into lots of things so I decided to buck up, throw on some layers and dig out my bike.

Meghan and I rode a TON together this summer including the MS TRAM week-long bike tour in July. I talked her into that one. We ride well together, we challenge each other and it gives us a chance to discuss the worlds problems – like what to wear to tonight’s MS Society awards banquet. Plus, Meghan lets me ramble on about things like pumpkin ravioli and pear crisp.

It was nice out…for November. There also seemed to be a headwind in every direction. I hate that. And I had not been biking outdoors in two months. It set me up for a bit of challenge. However, since we were both in it together, it didn’t seem quite so bad. We kept to a pretty flat course and kept a pace where we could chat easily. However, I would not call it an easy ride. Having 2 of us made it much more manageable. Some may call it teamwork and others may call it group stupidity. Either way, I’m really glad I went.

Here is a shot of Meghan and I at the finish line of TRAM.

We did not look like that today. I’m grateful I don’t have a photo of us today because you would have seen a mish mash of biking clothing and other items to keep us warm – including a t-shirt wrapped around Meghan’s head (under her helmet of course) to keep her ears warm and my too-short fleece pants over my bike shorts. We were hot. Real hot.

It is no wonder people think we are sisters or mistake one for the other.

Oh, what does this post have to do with food? Nothing really, except there is champagne in the photo above.

It’s Wildcard Saturday.


4 Responses to “the last nice day”

  1. Jackson November 22, 2009 at 10:13 pm #

    Good for you. Tony took advantage of the balmy weather and put up our christmas lights.

  2. Fav Sista November 23, 2009 at 2:10 pm #

    Trying to decide who is the biggest instigator of you two. It’s a toss up. Glad you got to spend some bike time with Meghan. What a great way to play!


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