thanksgiving: the aftermath

28 Nov

I survived.

And I can honestly say, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I am also grateful I got all of my “wigging out” done before the actual day. I was pretty calm on Thursday….Brette may disagree, but I felt like I was very cool and collected.

The turkey turned out beautiful and it tasted fantastic. Those secret ingredients of mine really paid off….olive oil, salt and pepper.

Isn’t she pretty? 20 pounds of love.

Here she is after Brette worked his carving wizardry.

I can’t wait to make soup.

But back to the big day.

Everything really went off without a hitch. Remember last week when I was wigging out? I’m now going to answer my own questions that were keeping me up at night with the results.

  • How will I fit 15 people? I’d like for them to all be sitting together. Should I tell them to wear parkas and we’ll eat outside – Everyone fit comfortably in the basement and it was lovely. No one wore parkas and sat outside.
  • This will be my first time cooking a large bird. What if I make some elementary mistake and it looks like the turkey from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? – See above. It was juicy and delicious.
  • I am not making my grandmother’s stuffing recipe because…..I don’t like it (sorry grandma!).  I’m trying something new. Will my family forgive me? They were very kind. The NEW stuffine (or dressing) was very tasty. Cornbread and chorizo – need I say more?
  • Is a Wii bowling tournament a good idea? I think so, but will others think it’s lame? Good idea. Everyone was super into it – including my 70+year old parents who started trash talking their own grandkids.
  • Where should I set up beverages where people are not trouncing through the kitchen? We created a bar in the spare bedroom and added more seating – worked great.
  • Is there one kind of beer everyone likes or do I need multiple? I like to keep the brothers happy. We went with Mich Golden Light, Bud Light and Summite Winter Ale. No one complained.
  • Do people care about lumps in the mashed potatoes? Doubt it. They were gobbled up and no one said a word.
  • What if there is a giant snow storm and I’m stuck at home with a 20-lb turkey? No snow, but I still have lots of leftovers! The turkey came with us to the in-laws and whatever is left will go into the soup I can’t wait to make. It’s the bird that keeps on giving.
  • With that many people in the house, do I need to turn on the AC? Nope, but people were smart and dressed in layers.
  • It was truly an awesome day. I’m so grateful that everything went well. And really, if it didn’t, it still would’ve been perfect. My family was such a big help and big thanks goes to my sister Joan who was my Thanksgiving hotline all week.

    At the end, both Brette and I were pooped, but agreed we would do it again….but maybe not next year. :)


    3 Responses to “thanksgiving: the aftermath”

    1. Jackson November 28, 2009 at 11:22 pm #

      It was all good and you were cool as a cucumber.
      Thanks for a great day.

    2. Fav Sista November 29, 2009 at 1:34 pm #

      We had a great time! Felt very comfortable and at home in your home. Food was awesome, family time was great and having mom and dad have such bowling success while trash talking the grandkids was a hoot!


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