pizza comparison: black sheep vs. punch

12 Jan

Had a first-time visit to Black Sheep Pizza a few weeks back, and the following night we dined at Punch Neopolitan Pizza. Just thought I’d do a little comparison.

Black Sheep

There were four of us dining; we ordered four different 12″ pizzas. The pizzas we ordered included:

  • Fennel sausage, hot salami, onion, and cracked green olives
  • Oyster mushroom, smoked mozzarella, and rosemary
  • Chicken and pickled peppers
  • Green pepper, feta, kalamata olives

Crust was quite crunchy and well-done. I loved the pizza I ordered- the green pepper/feta/olive one. I also tried the chicken pizza and the sausage pizza, and while I liked them, I did not love them. I don’t go near ‘shrooms so I avoided that one, but my dining companions thought it was a bit too overloaded with mushrooms, so much so that they were unable to taste the smoked mozzarella. We were all first-timers to Black Sheep, and while I think we all left full and satisfied, I did hear a few “hm, I think I like Punch better” remarks. Overall, at Black Sheep the service was good and friendly, ambiance was exactly as a pizza place should be, and the 1919 root beer was a great accompaniment to the pizza. I would go back!


The next night I went out to Punch’s original Highland Park location. They do dinner service, seat you at a table, the whole nine yards. We were dining with-child that evening. We ordered the Punch Salad (very good!) and two pizzas: the Siciliana (prosciutto, artichoke, picholine olive, basil) and the Bruni (sausage, spiced salami, onion, oregano). I really like the chewy, soft crust they do at Punch. On the other hand, their pizzas are more “wet”…not sure if that comes from the baking process or toppings or the dough or what. Usually I hate “wet” food (eggs, etc) but the wetness of the Punch pizza is not an issue for me. My pizza was excellent, and I’d definitely go back.  Service- good. Ambience- fine.

In sum: My pizza cravings were well satisfied by both Black Sheep and Punch Pizzas. I would return to both places in the future, probably giving a slight edge to Punch (and their chewy crust) for having more than one location, thus making it more convenient for me to dine there.


2 Responses to “pizza comparison: black sheep vs. punch”

  1. Carin January 13, 2010 at 8:54 am #

    I agree. Black sheep was good when we went, but we weren’t overly dieing to go back. Love Punch pizza and how it is not loaded with cheese and greese, makes ya feel like you’re having something semi-healthy!

  2. kristi January 13, 2010 at 9:38 am #

    Punch has been on my list to visit/review forever but I haven’t made it there yet!! I love pizza :) I actually have two pizza reviews coming up if I ever get around to writing about them! LOL

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