a return surprise

12 Feb

When I wrote this, I had no idea that it would result in this. Let’s hear a big blog shout-out to my partner-in-blogging, Jen, for surprising me with a MEAL and a BREAKFAST and CUPCAKES the night we returned home from Mexico!!

It had been a long day of traveling, and while it was only about 7:30pm when we walked in the door, I was pretty wiped out (and kinda out of it). I was getting something out of the fridge for Ryan and wondered why on earth there was a bowl of polenta in the refridgerator (this was Brette’s famous waffle batter!). Then, I had no IDEA why there was a foreign waffle maker on my counter. Finally Pat said READ THE NOTE YOU DORK, IT’S FROM JEN. And then it all made sense!!!

The best thing about this surprise food delivery is that we’ve been able to eat off the delicious chicken chili for the past two days. So, I’ve not had to cook, NOR have I had to go to the grocery store yet! I’ll get to go tomorrow, sans child. How wonderful!!

Thanks so much Jen. This was one of the most thoughtful birthday gifts ever!!


Here are a couple food pics…breakfast in Mexico. (Taken for the sole purpose of showing an all-inclusive doubter exactly what can be eaten at an all-inclusive buffet.)


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