restaurant review: burger jones

25 Feb

Last Saturday evening we decided to try out Burger Jones (located in the old Applebee’s space in Calhoun Village). We arrived at the family-friendly hour of about 5:40pm, and were rather shocked to find the place jam packed. There was about a 20 minute wait and people were crammed into the little entry area just waiting around. After a few minutes we realized that some sort of hockey extravaganza had taken place that day on Lake Calhoun, and Burger Jones had a tent set up for the festivities. It appeared that hockey spectators meandered on over to Burger Jones that evening for an early dinner…thus the wait. (Or maybe they’re always this busy on a Saturday night at this time?? Anyone know?)

Anyway, we waited about 20 minutes for our table, and thankfully the tot was in a good mood that night so the wait was actually quite painless. When we were seated it was at the exact table I just knew we’d get…right out in the open next to the huge crowd of gawkers waiting around to be seated. (Pat and I have a long history of receiving bad tables…even before we had a kid!). It ended up being fine though- we set up a little wall of menus and table signage and tried to ignore the gawking as much as possible.

Ambience: Loud, noisy and boisterous. The space isn’t that huge; there’s a big, long bar towards the back. The kitchen is very open, and there’s even a table set up in the kitchen (for adventurous diners, I heard the hostess telling someone). TVs are around- they were broadcasting the Olympics that night, and some hockey game as well. Loved the huge photo of the guy chomping on a burger. And also, the restrooms are labeled “Patty” and “Chuck.”

Food: Burgers. Fries. Malts. Some other stuff too. (Link to the menu is here.) I ordered the cheeseburger with cheddar. Ryan got the mini kiddie burger with fries (and organic milk box), and Pat ordered some heart attack on a bun burger- The Hangover I believe it was called. We also got one side of fries to share. And Pat ordered a beer of some unusual variety (he was quite impressed with their specialty beer selection.) We all liked our food. I thought the burger was tasty, and the fries were quite good. {I’ve kind of been ‘off’ burgers this pregnancy, so I wasn’t so excited about having one. But it was really tasty). Pat enjoyed his hangover burger. There’s no way we were leaving there without a malt or shake of some kind, so for dessert Ryan and I shared an Oreo shake and Pat had a chocolate shake and MMmmmmMMMMM delicious, they were!!! Would I go back for the food?? Yes.

Service: Very friendly, speedy, on the ball.

Overall: We all liked it. There was plenty going on to keep a wee one entertained. And plenty of noise to contain any squeals or screams. Food was good- I’d go back if in a burger/shake mood.

One Response to “restaurant review: burger jones”

  1. Katie February 26, 2010 at 1:41 pm #

    So glad you reviewed this place…I have been wanting to try it:)

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