Jen’s summer granola

28 Feb

I don’t mean to rain on Jen’s picnic here regarding her aforementioned winter granola, but I was meaning to log in and write this post, and when I finally got around to it tonight (9:43pm!) I see Jen JUST posted about her winter granola!! Great minds we are, great minds.

Anyway, one of my few food goals for 2010 was to make my own granola. I decided to use Jen’s recipe from last summer when Brette ran the 1/2 marathon (recipe can be found here). Finally one day this week I picked up all the ingredients at SuperT (laughed aloud at the fact that I had to buy Grape Nuts!) and then a couple days later whipped up the granola. I think the only ingredient substitution I made was using almonds instead of pistachios.

The granola turned out great!! I’ve been eating it for breakfast with milk, and for a snack with yogurt. I think I’m the only one in the house that likes it (Pat refuses to touch dried fruit, and for whatever reason Ryan wasn’t that impressed with it), so yay for me!! I’d invite you over to try some, but my Assistant Granola Maker spent most of the time next to me on the counter hacking his cold into the granola concoction. Mmmmm, germy granola!! Totally good!


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