sugar-free update #4

17 Mar

We’ve made it past the half-way point people! This is big. Very big.

Here’s the reports from the field.


As I’ve mentioned before, I do think I have learned a lot through this challenge. I think I’m going to make it a goal that I no longer consume sugar in my morning meal. My banana oatmeal or yogurt-fruit smoothie work perfectly. I know there are other changes I’ll make as well. I always bought whole wheat bread before, but I’ll be paying close attention to the ingredients now and be choosier.  These are just a couple of the changes I’ll make. However, I am really looking forward to April 4th when I can throw down a Cadbury egg or two (I know, I know…but I love them), and enjoy a proper Easter with jelly beans and carrot cake!

Things I’m craving that I can’t have:

We went to our first outdoor BBQ/bonfire of the spring this past Sunday. Everyone indulged in yummy S’mores after dinner. I LOVE S’mores. I’m not sure how I found the will power to hold back. I resorted to eating the rest of the bag of all natural potato chips as dessert. Hmmmmm….

Non-sweetener substitutes that you love (or any that just didn’t work):

Did I already mention putting hummus on my turkey wraps instead of mayo? Much better. Perhaps I just have the wrong mayo though. You must be able to make mayo without sugar?!

Accidental (or not) cheat moments:

What do you do when you haven’t eaten a meal all day and just got done judging high school dance team try-outs for hours? Not to mention the whole breastfeeding thing. Well, my husband made dinner that night…a frozen pizza…and I could do nothing but eat the last 3 pieces when I got home. I was starving and had no patience for whipping together something else. Plus, I checked the ingredients and sugar was really toward the end! So it couldn’t have been too bad….

General thoughts: has it been hard? Anything specific that you are noticing?

I wish I had more of a detox or cleanse feeling. Granted, I’ve had a few cheat moments, but for the amount of sugar I used to put in my body, you’d think I’d feel totally different. I guess it was just that first week that threw us all off.


I no longer feel as though I have given up sugar. It’s just normal now. It is routine. I have developed systems and recipes that don’t make it hard anymore. When looking at all of the foods I love to eat I have figured out what can stay and what has to go. I have so many great “replacements” and substitutes that this all just feels normal. I am now at the point where I wish Lent lasted even longer because it is awesome just knowing that sugar is off limits. Period. Though my boyfriend’s dad does like to remind me to “stay away from those kisses because they sure are sweet.” If you knew him this would make you giggle.

Things I’m craving that I can’t have:

I still don’t love being around people when they eat cake. I love cake. Cupcakes to be more specific. I just leave the room or think about something else because really – how good is that cake anyway? Unless of course we are talking about someplace fancy like Sweets Bakery. Sweets became my new favorite spot before Lent. They have a flavor of the week. Check out this weeks flavor – I want it!

  • Irish Dream-Vanilla cake filled with Irish cream butter cream topped with Guinness Butter cream….our take on the Irish Car Bomb! Today and Tomorrow only(3/16-3/17) we will have the Irish coffee flavor from last week as well! Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Non-sweetener substitutes that you love (or any that just didn’t work):

Jen has now officially turned me on to dates. They are delicious. She made an awesome “dessert” with them on Friday then I decided to make them again. Check out this yummy recipe – it feels like I’m cheating when I eat it. I made it without the honey, of course.

Accidental (or not) cheat moments:

As far as I know, I am in the clear for the first week yet!

General thoughts: has it been hard? Anything specific that you are noticing?

I can truly appreciate what Jen said last week. Have I just been eating things because they are there rather than because I actually enjoy them? I feel like sugar is just like any other addictive substance – you take it in any form you can get it and sure… satiating the addiction is great, but does it really taste that good? When we move out of this Lenten challenge that will be my challenge to myself. Do I really even like the sweets I put in my mouth or am I just eating it to have that sweetness on my tongue?


I’m super thrilled to be past the half-way point but at the same time, I love having an excuse not to eat sweets.I like Amanda’s idea of keeping the sugar out of breakfast. I would usually add a drizzle of honey or agave to my oatmeal, but now that I don’t, I’m used to it. Why add it back in?

Things I’m craving that I can’t have:

As soon as a wrote last week that I wasn’t having any cravings, all I could think about was…..pancakes. Seriously, I could not get them out of my mind. That and a nice big muffin (I’m not even a muffin type of gal!). Now, I know I could have made a savory pancake or other type of pancake without sugar, but to me that is not the point. I like sweet pancakes with sweet stuff on top. Thankfully, I made popovers last Friday and it turns out, the inside of the popover tasted enough like a pancake, that I got over the craving. I might need to start making popovers daily.

Non-sweetener substitutes that you love (or any that just didn’t work):

I still love dates and they are even better with marscapone cheese. I haven’t needed to make any other swaps or subs lately, though I love the idea of hummus as a sandwich spread. It’s also awesome on a salad (that idea came from Meghan). Come to think about it, I would probably eat hummus with anything.If you’re looking for a hummus recipe, I have one here.

Accidental (or not) cheat moments:

I’m not currently aware of any. However, I did have a roasted vegetable sandwich on Saturday at Zella’s in Hutchinson and you never know about the bread. I didn’t ask.  The sandwich was delicious.

General thoughts: has it been hard? Anything specific that you are noticing?

One weird thing has occurred since this challenge began. I no longer crave, need, or really want coffee.  This is bizarre because I LOVE coffee. I normally drink 2 cups every morning and it’s my favorite weekend morning activity. Now, I can hardly get a few sips down and it just doesn’t sit well.  I drink my coffee black so there was no withdrawal from sugary add-ins. I can’t figure it out. I’m now mainly on tea – and lots of it. If anyone can explain this coffee phenomenon, I would really appreciate it.


3 Responses to “sugar-free update #4”

  1. Monica March 18, 2010 at 5:56 am #

    Still cheated once this week – I was at a writing event and I grabbed a diet soda. I have to say that this is making me realize how much my body craves sweets. My goal was to give up splenda without also increasing sugar drastically. I haven’t done well on that front. I keep increasing the amount of raw sugar in my coffee, I’m drinking juice at night, I’ve been sneaking little cookies or hard candies, and I’ve been lazy about the amount of water I’m drinking (should be drinking more but I’d rather have coffee). I definitely will cut back on the amount of sweeteners when this is over, but I just think my body craves sweets more than the average person.

  2. Megsp March 18, 2010 at 5:33 pm #

    Oh and I forgot to mention, while I do love this challenge my pants fit exactly the same as they did three weeks ago. For everything I’ve eliminated from my diet I should have lost 10 pounds by now – dang-it!

  3. Monica March 19, 2010 at 10:06 am #

    One other thing that you’ll like – i switched to Greek Yogurt with low fat instead of the Yoplait with aspertame. But, because I didn’t know I was going to do this challenge, I still have tons of said Yoplait in my fridge. I just went down to get some yogurt and realizing that I was out of greek, reached for the Yoplait, and stopped. The thought of the aspertame taste just wasn’t good.

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