sugar free update #5

24 Mar

Wow – update #5?  Crazy! It is the home stretch people! 1.5 weeks to go!!!! Not that any of us are excited about that…….

Here’s what’s up with team No Sugar.

Meghan, Amanda and Jen a few years back.


Stress. People always talk about how stress negatively affects your food choices. I thought they were full of crap until this last week. It is my busy season at work so I’ve been pulling some solid hours and I find myself craving the heck out of things I haven’t thought about in awhile now. Most notably: Coca-Cola-Classic. Two weeks ago the thought actually crossed my mind that I may try to continue not drinking Coke and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Urgh..

Cheat moments – I was rather ill last Thursday and spent a bit of time hunched over the toilet so I was super dehydrated. All I wanted was some form of Gatorade and I happened to have G2 packets laying around the house so I did it – twice. And then thought about how I should look into a new hydration beverage as biking season approaches because I don’t need to be drinking that stuff .

Sugar substitutes – nothing new here this week. Just me and my La Croix water – BFF’s!
Oh, but did you know that both emergen-C AND Airborne are chock full o’ sugar. Yep, you heard it here first folks.

Want but can’t have – I am ready for my Easter cupcake.


The funny thing is, out of the three of us, I’m the only real practicing Catholic. Yet, I’m teetering dangerously close to calling this whole thing off right now. Here’s the deal…I’m going on my “Mammy Away” weekend on Friday to visit a friend in Toronto. I REALLY don’t like the idea of having to worry about sugar when I’m trying to enjoy my first weekend without my child in Toronto at a variety of yummy restaurants. I think I’ve learned all I’m going to learn and lost all I’m going to lose (I don’t think I’ve lost anything from removing sugar anyway). I’ve made some changes and had some realizations. I also just stocked up on all the ingredients for my homemade granola bars and I’m anxious to make a batch. I’ve swapped my usual JIF (husband’s fave) for the natural stuff and I feel really good about that one little move. Hubby can’t protest too much when the recipe already calls for honey and some chocolate chips!

Things I’m craving that I can’t have:
Sure I still would like a treat once in a while, but I don’t think that is something that will disappear with this challenge. Everyone deserves a ‘treat’ once in a while, right? I may just choose my treats differently or eat them less frequently!

Accidental (or not) cheat moments:
Remember that Shamrock Shake I wanted? I got it yesterday and had it in hand ready to freeze. Yeah, didn’t freeze it. Ate it. Before you get angry, can I remind everyone that I’m still breastfeeding and I’ve been SO good! My experience was similar to Meghan’s with her 7 and 7. It was good, but in the end, I didn’t need it. The green food coloring grossed me out more than ever before. I think I’ll just look into making my own Shamrock shakes next year. Wait…I can make them anytime I want.  Here’s a link to a recipe. I think I’ll just leave out the food coloring!

General thoughts: has it been hard? Anything specific that you are noticing?

The shamrock shake has pretty much cemented my decision to go off the Lenten Challenge starting full-time this Friday. Therefore, I will document every yummy sweet thing that I eat while in Toronto and fill you in next week. Then, perhaps I’ll cut myself off again until Easter Sunday. Oooh…unless that detox headache comes back.


I can honestly say I’m feeling really great right now. I feel healthy, strong and all around pretty awesome! Is it the lack of sugar? Maybe. It could be that I’ve been eating super healthy food, working out, and am in just a good place right now in life. It’s likely a combination of many things, but if sugar wants to take credit, I’ll let it. I’m a giver like that.

Things I’m craving that I can’t have:

I can’t really think of anything. Sure, a square of chocolate would be nice and I’m looking forward to Easter dessert, but there hasn’t been anything I’ve been dreaming about. Now that I wrote that, I will no doubt start craving something. That seems to be the theme for me.

Sugar substitutes:

I will save this for a post later this week, but all I can say is one-ingredient ice cream. Stay tuned. You won’t be sorry.

Accidental (or not) cheat moments:

Nothing on purpose. Though last night, I went to the fridge to get a Lime La Croix, cracked it open, took a big swig and almost gagged. It was a Diet Mt. Dew. I gave the rest to Brette.

General thoughts: has it been hard? Anything specific that you are noticing?

My pants are a bit looser so that’s a nice bonus.

Oh, and I’m back to drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and liking how it tastes. That was so weird! One cup seems to be enough for me so though I’m sticking to it.

How are the rest of you doing with your various challenges or just life in general?


6 Responses to “sugar free update #5”

  1. Willa March 24, 2010 at 6:44 pm #

    I totally thought the one-ingredient ice cream would be revealed today. Clearly, you’re not going to let it slip so I will try to be patient and wait for your upcoming post. (((Tapping my toes)))

  2. Ann March 24, 2010 at 7:25 pm #

    My hat is tipped to you three ladies. I gave up desserts and sweets in general, but last Friday night at a party I ate two carmel cookies without even thinking. When I realized what I had done I kinda threw in the towel for the night. Peanut m&m’s were tasting good with my beer. I was back in line the next day. It’s been tough.

  3. Robyn March 24, 2010 at 8:29 pm #

    hello ladies – it’s been great reading about your lenten adventure. And Jen – great to meet you in person tonight at happy hour! :)

  4. Brette March 25, 2010 at 9:14 am #

    Happy to continue in my role as the sweetener disposal unit.

  5. anne March 25, 2010 at 2:50 pm #

    Pretty much gagged at just the THOUGHT of taking a swig of diet Mountain Dew EW.


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