6 Apr

Here is how the sugar-free gang celebrated the end of lent:

Amanda preparing for Eater in Toronto – Sugar wall!

Amanda’s Easter Feast!

Her comments on the treats:

Doesn’t look too impressive, but it was sure yummy! The carrot cupcake was the best I think…I made it! :)
The banana cream pie was great too, but nothing too special about it. I made the deep chocolate cupcakes also, but they were slightly overdone. Nevertheless, still delicious!

Jen’s carrot cake. Brette made the cake and he did a fabulous job! It was everything I wanted it to be and more. I had a reasonable Easter dinner just so I had plenty of room for cake. Later that evening for supper, Brette and I finished off the rest of the cake – also delicious. What wasn’t so awesome was the major stomach ache that followed. I was miserable the next morning.  I guess my body wasn’t ready for all of that sugar after being so clean.  However, it was completely worth it and I would do it all over again.

Meghan’s cupcakes.

For our 6 month anniversary my lovely fella went to my most favorite bakery in all of the Twin Cities And bought… Very Vanilla, and Kettle Corn. Perfection!

And last but not least I did enjoy a reeses peanut butter cup at midnight. I know it sounds so plain but it tasted so amazing. My cat was pretty into it as well:)


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