she said it, and then she said it again…

10 May

…because her blogging partner was nowhere to be found.

Thought I’d toss a little update out onto the blog here while both kids are asleep. Both of them sleeping at the same time means that one of them is sick and the other one is asleep in my arms. Basically, given my current life status, I don’t have much of anything to add to a blog about cooking, gardening, or dining out. But here’s a status reports anyway.

Cooking: Today for lunch I reheated mac and cheese (it WAS homemade, give me some credit here) and munched baby carrots and a few grapes, all while nursing a baby. If Pat plans out the night’s meal, I’m sometimes able to whip it together (if it’s super simple) while one kid watches Max and Ruby and the other is chillin’ in a Baby Bjorn. Basically though, Pat has become the meal planner and cooker man.

Gardening: I’ve never been much of a gardener. This year Pat built a square garden box and is experimenting with some square foot gardening. He spent one weekend building (and rebuilding) the garden box, and another weekend purchasing the dirt, etc. and seeds, and then planting it all. I participated too- I planted one seed.

Dining Out: HAHAHAHAHA. Last weekend we made our first family outing together to enjoy a nice breakfast at Hot Plate. We walked there. I don’t turn cartwheels over their food, but it’s good, and the service is nice enough, and the decor in the place rocks, so for our first family dining out experience was just about perfect. Other than that, last week I was so desperate to NOT eat lunch in my house for the 1000th day in a row that I packed up the boys and went to Subway. I know.

Here’s a pic of the other kiddo too.


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