what does one eat on a 300-mile bike tour?

3 Aug

So now that you know all about the MS TRAM, let’s talk about what we ate during the week. This is a food blog, right?

In our second year as a team, we added a support crew that came along and hauled our gear (though, the MS Society provides luggage trucks as well), camping chairs, food and beverage. We decided we would also provide meals for the team – specifically breakfast and dinner. This is in addition to our nightly happy hour specials. I mean, we couldn’t be Team Happy Hour without happy hour specials, right?

Each year, we’ve gotten better and better with our meals. I think this year was our best yet. However, I’m a bit biased, since I helped plan the meals. :)


As far as breakfast goes, it’s nothing fancy. This year, we had a supply of bagels, english muffins, homemade (by me) bran muffins along with both peanut and almond butter. Our last day, we had freshly baked bread from Falls Baking Company…because we know people there. They threw in some honey butter which was delicious. We are also very fortunate to have a wonderful guy on our team (BRAD!), who brings cases of  Cliff and Lara Bars along with some jerkey. This gets hauled out at breakfast too.

Do you love the bloody mary makings hanging out next to breakfast?

As for dinner, we try for variety but also for things that we can cook on a grill and that travels in coolers well. We also had about 6 vegetarians on the team, so we had to keep that in mind.

Here is the full recap.


Dinner: Tortilla Espanola, Gazpacho, Grilled Sausages (regular and faux), Baguettes

Happy Hour Special: Sangria (red and white)

This one was my baby and I’m so glad it turned out as well as it did. I slaved over those dang tortillas but it was worth it. They travel super well and we had some leftover which a few of us enjoyed for breakfast over the next couple of days.

I think the team was surprised by this one, but they all loved it and gobbled it up. The gazpacho was so refreshing and the sangria really hit the spot too.


Dinner: Build your own grilled Rueben or Rachel (tempeh option for veg heads), baked beans, potato chips

Happy Hour Special: White Russians

The tempeh rueben was delicious. Major props go to Meghan who made homemade thousand island dressing. It was amazing. The white russians weren’t half bad either.


Dinner:Pizza and salad

Happy Hour Special: 7 and 7’s

Because we raise so much money, the MS Society provides us with a pizza party each year and this was our night. It worked out perfect because this was also the day of thunderstorms and crazy rain. We had no interest in trying to cook outside. Because of the rain, we also bumped our happy hour special to Wednesday night. Plus, beer goes so well with pizza, right?

We ate at Mayson’s in Pequot Lakes. Our server was amazing and the pizza was awesome. She also hooked us up with some family style salads. I think everyone was very happy….but maybe that was the beer.

Wednesday – ladies night!

Dinner: Burrito Bar complete with tortillas, black beans (homemade from scratch), rice, beef, guacamole, tomatoes, salsa, cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips

Happy Hour Special: Gin and Tonics along with 7 & 7’s from Tuesday – it’s a two-fer!

This was a huge hit which could be since it was ladies night and I didn’t have to lift a finger. Thanks fellas!


Dinner: This was originally going to be a pasta bar, but we skipped that because we had 2 huge 3-foot subs from subway (for free) that were lunch for some and dinner for others plus a bunch of leftovers.

Happy Hour Special: Leftovers! Thursday night is always leftover night…beer, bloodys, gin and tonics, and 7 & 7’s were enjoyed.

I had some subway for lunch and then for dinner opted for some leftover salad with tempeh and that yummy homemade thousand island dressing.

I may or may not have had a s’more later. I don’t have any photos of it though so you can’t prove it.

On the route

The MS Society does a great job at providing snacks at all of the rest stops during the day. I enjoyed multiple pb & j’s, bananas, salted nut rolls, nilla wafers, grapes, potato chips (needed on the hot days), etc.

On the last day, we were lucky enough that at two of the rest stops, the locals came out to provide some additional options.

Pancakes! I LOVE pancakes. These were made by the Knights of Columbus and they really hit the spot. Note: I gave my sausages to a teammate.

I got super excited when I saw Root Beer Floats. I felt like a kid again on the way home from the pool begging to stop at the A&W. It was the perfect thing for the last rest stop of the tour.

At the camp site

We brought along all sorts of snacks for hanging out at the camp site…thanks to good ol’ Costco.

Things like asian snack mix, animal crackers, dried fruit, peanuts, and of course the giant container of Red Vines!

All in all, we ate like kings and queens all week and most certainly did not go hungry.

It was a great week and I’m slowly getting back into reality. Life is really much simpler when all you have to do is bike.


One Response to “what does one eat on a 300-mile bike tour?”

  1. Ed Loessi August 4, 2010 at 8:52 am #

    Hey Jen and Anne,

    Great post! I am sure there were lots of people looking over at your table and then back over at their dehydrated meal packs and wondering if they could become your friends :)

    We know from our own experiences running bike tours all over the world that the better the food the better the riding!




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