reflections and a new year

17 Aug

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday. I know – you can’t believe I’m that old, right? Me either.  My 20’s don’t seem all that long ago…How exactly did I get to 33?

This past weekend, I was in Chicago at the Healthy Living Summit (recap coming this week of all I learned).  While I was there, I used it as an opportunity to reflect and think about what I want this next year of my life to be about. This might be one of the only times of year I get really reflective. I’ve been saying all summer that after my birthday, the ‘year of Jen’ would begin. However, I needed to figure out what that meant.

Here’s what I came up with. It’s not really a list of goals, but a list of things I’d like my life to be about.

1. Keep it simple and enjoy the moment I’m in.

2. Only do things I’m passionate about

3. Read more

4. Cook more

5. Live a healthy life (future post on what my definition of that is)

6. Blog more (yay!) –  Anne and I are working on some changes to the blog – all good I promise!

7. Family and friends come first.

Nothing on this list is earth shattering, but I  like it. Do any of you have a list like this? Are you reflective on your birthday?

So, let’s get back to the actual birthday. I literally brought it in with a scream. Brette organized a group of some of my best pals to head to ValleyFair.

Why yes, that is Erik Estrada on my T-shirt.

Growing up, this was my favorite place to go. It was such a treat and I was a major ride junky. It was such a fun way to celebrate. However, I will admit, my body cannot tolerate rides like it used to. I’ve been suffering from a major ValleyFair hangover all day and I wasn’t alone. Uneasy stomach, headache, tired, and scratchy throat (from screaming) plagued my day. Totally WORTH it. It was so much fun to feel like a kid again.

The ride that did me in was this giant swing. We were all pretty excited about it before it started.

Then we realized what we were getting into. The photo quality isn’t great here, but I think you can get the general idea.

The swing goes really high! Higher than the sun….

After getting off, I could hardly walk a straight line. I perservered though and kept on a ridin’.

My favorite rides were the roller coasters – especially Wild Thing and Renegade. If you’re ever at ValleyFair – they are musts.

Amanda and I before getting on the Wild Thing.

We were all pretty beat at the end – thank heavens for Ben & Jerry’s!

I was also pretty pumped by a few birthday presents I received. Apparently, my friends know me well.

This is from Meghan – a gourmet meatless cookbook from her favorite restaurant in Philadelphia along with homemade spice blends. I’m so pumped!

Then, my dear friend, Willa, gave me the cookbook, Ratio (which I’ve been eyeing for months) along with a jar of Naturally Nutty’s Pepita Sun Butter.

Jaime brought be a whole bag of produce she snagged from her in-law’s garden including zucchini, peppers, beets, eggplant and the best raspberries ever!

I love that my friends know me well enough to give me food and cookbooks. :) I still have a date with Anne to look forward to coming up in September which I know will be a blast.

This was one of my favorite birthdays! A big thanks to Brette for putting this together. I had such a fun time and it was a great start to what will be a fantastic year.


6 Responses to “reflections and a new year”

  1. Henriet August 17, 2010 at 9:28 pm #

    Sounds like you had a really fun time! I’m so jealous! Wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. Maybe next year… :)

  2. chez pat August 17, 2010 at 11:32 pm #

    happy b-day Jen. Sorry – day late! glad to see you had a good one.


  3. Fav Sista August 18, 2010 at 10:00 am #

    Love your list of how you want to live. I have list as well which I would be happy to share with you when we get together next.
    I’m sure you are over your VF hangover now. Crazy what happens with our bodies, right?
    33 is a great year ~ I am confident you will create wonderful things!


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