vegetarian by association

9 Sep

Note: This is a guest post by Jen’s husband, Brette.

OK, I was far from a vegetarian this summer.  And my apologies to all of the real vegetarians out there – I don’t want to besmirch your good names by associating you with the ribs/burgers/fish etc. I ate with glee over the past three months.

The true version is Jen does a majority of the cooking, so if she was going to be a vegetarian this summer, I was taking a significant step in that direction also.  That translated to roughly 85% of my evening meals and 60% of my lunches being meat-free.

To set this up, it should be known that the Vegas odds on me being associated with anything close to a vegetarian would have been off the charts even a few years ago.  You all missed your chance to make some serious money on Jen’s experiment.

I committed to sharing my thoughts via the blog, so here are a few lessons from my summer:

  1. Jen is a great cook and puts a lot of thought into our meals.  At a bare minimum, anybody with a tolerance for vegetables would have done fine eating these meals.  I like vegetables, so I thought all of the food was tasty and great.
  2. Training for Trinona, Chisago Lake Tri, and Square Lake Tri went well with no energy, strength, or tummy issues.
  3. After moving from “softball shape” to “half-marathon shape” two years ago, some more clothing became obsolete due to size.   I give the decrease in meat the most credit for the change.
  4. When I did cook in the past, I was most often grilling meat.  No meat meant I was even less helpful in the kitchen.  That part of the summer wasn’t so great.
  5. Downtown Minneapolis is a great place to work for a wayward vegetarian by association.
  6. Eating a healthy lunch of leftovers was particularly satisfying.  Bonus points because I didn’t have to waste time heating it up in the microwave (oddly, although most of these dishes are served hot, I don’t find it necessary to reheat the leftovers).  The satisfaction was occasionally tempered by the pecan caramel roll I’d seek out in the afternoon.
  7. It seemed like there was more “I’ll take the salad instead of the fries” moments because I was in the habit of eating better.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had gone the other way.  See below.  Don’t be surprised if the garlic comes through your computer speakers.

It was a very successful summer and a positive change for me.  Thanks to Jen for all of her great cooking and I know I’ll have no problem staying with my version of her version of a plant based diet.


One Response to “vegetarian by association”

  1. Kate September 9, 2010 at 10:03 pm #

    Those Safeco Field garlic fries will keep you permanently immune from vampires.

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