12 Sep

Here it is, the moment you’ve all be waiting for.  A revitalized She Said. She Said is ready to be unveiled!

Some of the changes include:

1. A new look! We’ve selected a fresh, updated template for our blog. We were so over the tired look of the original template, and now we have this new, snazzy pink look complemented by a photographic header that represents our blog topics. ((If you’re reading this in a blog reader, please click over and check it out!)

2. New pages! We now have a Recipes tab and a Restaurant Reviews tab located at the top of the blog. Recipes and Reviews are listed in alphabetical order, and link to posts in which we provided a recipe or a review. We’ve also updated the info in the Who Are We? page.

3. Updated sidebar! You can read the latest happenings with Jen under “Jen’s Tweets.” (Anne decided to leave hers off since she mostly tweets about witty things that her 3 year old says, which aren’t so timely for a blog about food/healthy living.) Beneath the Twitter feed is a list of our blog categories, followed by an archive drop-down menu where you can search for blog posts by month. Finally, we’ve added some new links to the “Blogs We Read” section. (Note: These are all blogs that Jen reads; Anne doesn’t have time to read many foodie blogs).

We also have lots of ideas swirling around in our heads for upcoming posts. Anne plans to write a bit about how Jen’s vegetarian summer affected her own eating habits; Anne also is planning a few posts about making your own baby food and raising healthy eaters. In the works for Jen are a re-cap of her long weekend in Seattle, a restaurant review of Heartland, details about upcoming race events that she’ll participate in, and a personal take on what “healthy lifestyle” means to her.

We welcome all comments and feedback on our recent blog style changes, and would love to hear from you about any topics you’d enjoy reading about here on She Said. She Said.


4 Responses to “revitalized!”

  1. Kristi S September 13, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    Looks great, ladies!
    PS I think you need a link to the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog in your side bar :)

  2. Dennis September 13, 2010 at 9:43 am #

    I liked the blog before, but this is better. My cooking just improved.

  3. beanski September 20, 2010 at 12:04 pm #

    The blog looks great! Now I don’t have to tag the recipes for later :)

    Anne, tried Bar La Grassa this weekend on your recommendation and it was delish!


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    […] 6. Blog facelift. Anne and I spent quite a bit of time spiffing up the blog, adding some new pages and some new features. There are some thoughts underway for this next year, but we’d love you’re input! […]

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