race week

17 Oct

This weekend was my last long run before the Mankato Half Marathon, which is only SIX days away.  The last three months of training have gone so fast, I can’t believe it is already race week. I’m feeling very excited, but also nervous and anxious.  This is my second half marathon and it feels so different from my first. The first one was in San Francisco so I didn’t have any family or friend support. This one is in my hometown and my parents and one of my sisters will be there – I’m so grateful they will be there to support me.  Plus, I have friends running the race with me which makes it even more exciting.  Also, for my first half, I was really just training to finish. I wasn’t super attached to the time. This time around, I have a specific goal and have amped up my training to do my best to achieve it.  Just to recap my tiered goals for this race:

Goal 1 (the basic): Run faster than my first half marathon (2:21)

Goal 2 (the main goal I’ve been training for): Run an average pace of 10 minute miles (2:11)

Goal 3 (the major stretch goal): 2 hours – a 9:05 average pace. I’ve never run this pace so it’s as likely as the Twins beating the Yankees in the playoffs.


I’m feeling good about reaching goal #2. The ankle injury messed with my head a bit, but it’s been feeling good the past two weeks and I’ve adjusted my training schedule a bit to give it healing time. I know it can carry me 13.1 miles.

This last week was a great confidence booster. I had a strong and consistent speed workout along with a kick-butt 5 mile run at below my goal pace and I felt good the whole time. During my 12 mile run this weekend, I felt strong the entire time and was not even sore the next day. I know I’ll be able to push myself harder on race day.

So now that it’s race week, I’m in what Brette refers to as the “nesting” phase.  Not only will I start to gather everything I need to bring with me for the weekend (race fuel, outfit, lucky visor, etc.), but I will also be doing everything I can to have my body as ready as possible on Saturday morning.

Here’s what’s on my list of things to do this week to get race-ready:

  • Complete my last two training runs (a 4-miler and a 30 minute tempo run)
  • 8 + hours of sleep each night
  • Hydrate – I’ll be upping the water intake big time
  • Get a massage
  • One last visit to Dr. Kari
  • Ice the ankle 2 x per day
  • Wear my running shoes whenever possible
  • Foam roll – this is the best way to stretch the IT Band


(this is not me, but it is what I look like when I foam roll)

  • Eat well – Yes, I always eat well, but this week I’ll be even more focused on whole grains, lean proteins and lots of produce and ditching junk and limiting the sugary items.
  • Avoid alcohol – this does not fit with operation hydrate.
  • Positive thinking/imagery – I will only think positively about the race and picture myself finishing strong and with a smile on my face.


Did I miss anything?

Yay – race week!


6 Responses to “race week”

  1. Amanda October 17, 2010 at 9:44 pm #

    You seem so prepared and as always your mindset is fabulous! I’m pretty sure Goal #3 is VERY possible! I’m sorry I couldn’t step up to the plate to run with you, but you inspired me to do my first 1/2 in early December!
    Can’t wait to see your post-race post!

  2. Heather October 18, 2010 at 12:53 am #

    You can totally make your goal! I did the training program for grandmas half and easily did 9 minute miles. And I’m no hard core runner…. You’ll see!

  3. Ann October 18, 2010 at 7:11 am #

    Good luck Jennifer. I am sure you will make your goals. You always seem to accomplish whatever you set out to do!!

  4. Fav Sista October 18, 2010 at 9:50 am #

    So proud of you and know you will hit your goals. Looking forward to seeing you cross that finish line!


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