an interview with Jen

7 Nov

I thought it would be fun to peer into the mind of Jen, so I conducted a little interview earlier today.

1. When you are cooking off a recipe you found on the internet, do you print the recipe off and keep it? Do you bookmark it on your computer? Do you set your laptop up in the kitchen and read off the screen?

it varies. Sometimes i just have it up on the iphone. However, I like to write notes as I go of any changes so printing is usually the easiest. Currently the organization of recipes in my kitchen stinks. They are everywhere! I have binders that are overflowing and unorganized. I also have a recipe box and quite a few saved on the computer. It’s a little nuts.

2. Which kitchen tool/gadget, if accidentally tossed out in the trash, would you be most heartbroken to lose?

Aside from my nice knives? I’d have to say my microplane. I use it to zest fruit, grate parmesan, nutmeg and anything else. I use it so much, I have two!

3. If someone you knew was visiting Mpls/St. Paul, and asked you for a restaurant recommendation, what would you suggest?

There are so many options! I would want to know their tastes to pick the perfect place, but just in general – Bar la Grassa or 112 Eatery.

4. What food(s) do you regret eating while in college?

Ha! This could be a long list. Spaghetti-o’s straight from the can, hamburger helper, cheap sugary cereal and mass quantities of diet soda.

5. Please describe in detail your most recent Halloween costume.

I was an 80’s aerobics instructor. Olivia Newton-John – eat your heart out.

6. What do you like best about blogging?

It’s a great outlet for me to talk about things that I’m passionate about – food, running, my dog, etc. The fact that there are people who want to read it is pretty cool too. If I can get more people to cook real food and lead a healthier life, I’d be down with that as well.

7. What is one thing you have on your menu for this week?
Root Vegetable Hash with Poached Eggs
Last year on this date: a day at the vineyard

One Response to “an interview with Jen”

  1. Liz November 8, 2010 at 3:19 pm #

    that costume is awesome! And I’d love to see the recipe for the root vegetable hash :)

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