25 things-jen

21 Nov

I guess this is the official “get to know Anne and Jen better” weekend. If you missed yesterdays 25 interesting things about Anne, you can find it here.

For your reading pleasure, 25 (interesting? that’s debatable!) things about me. Rules? Must be food/eating/cooking/fitness related. Let’s go:

1. Grocery shopping is one of my favorite activities.

2. I loathe climbing stairs and am winded after one flight.

3. Yet, I’ve ran 2 half marathons and have ridden in 6 multi-day bike tours.

4. I will almost always order pancakes when I go out for breakfast.

5. I call my mother pretty much weekly with cooking questions and she always has the answer.

6. I love it when people call me with cooking questions…especially if I know the answer.

7. I worked in a grocery store for 5 years and liked it.

8. I faked sick in grade school so I wouldn’t have to run a mile in gym class. I had to it the next day all by myself and it took me 14 minutes.

9. Growing up, I would only eat white rice if it had cinnamon and sugar on it.

10. The first thing I learned how to bake were banana chocolate chip cookies and they are still my favorite.

11. My favorite smell is onions and garlic cooking in olive oil.

12. I once dug into a container of strawberry cream cheese thinking it was yogurt.

13. I haven’t eaten strawberry cream cheese since.

14. I hosted my first dinner party when I was 15.

15. My Christmas lists consists of 4 cookbooks, 3 kitchen tools, and running gear.

16. My favorite cereals as a kid were Lucky Charms and Peanut Butter Captain Crunch .

17. I get a hard time from co-workers for my meticulous oatmeal preparation.

18. My least favorite genre of food is Mexican.

19. My favorite genre food is Spanish; paella is at the top of the list.

20. I caught and ate a barracuda in Belize.

21. Currently my freezer is housing pheasant, elk, venison, wild turkey, pork sausage, and beef brisket.

22.When I was in Rome with my blogging partner, we ate a double scoop gelato cone and then promptly ordered another one.

23. I like anything with pumpkin in it, except for pie.

24. I love both coffee and tea and I prefer both plain with nothing added.

25. I’ve been thinking about making this all weekend and am excited that it is what’s for dinner.


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