gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast

26 Nov

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had a great day with Brette and his family and have so much to be thankful for. I am one lucky girl. I am chillin’ with the in-laws for the rest of the weekend while Brette hunts down a deer. A good gig for the both of us.

Although I am not one of those people that gets up to shop at 3 a.m., I do start putting my holiday shopping game plan together this weekend.  In looking at both Brette and I’s wish list, it consists of mainly 2 genres; cooking ‘stuff’ and fitness ‘stuff’. I covered gift ideas for the cook in your life on Wednesday and today I thought I’d focus on the fitness freak (loving phrase) in your life. Or maybe you’re the fitness freak and are looking for some things to put on your list.

The following are ideas based on things either Brette and I have and love or think are cool and would like to have.  So if you are looking for a gift for a runner,cyclist, triathlete, or just general gym rat, this is your place.

Stocking stuffers or small gifts ($20 and under):

1. Race Belt –  Brette picked up one of these this past summer and it wasn’t long before I picked up one for both Willa and I. One of the things I hate doing at races is pinning the bib number to my clothing. It is such and hassle and doesn’t do much for your clothing either. This makes everything super easy as your race number just clips right on. We picked ours up at a local running stores, but there are a ton online. Some models have a spots for race fuel or an inhaler.

2. Spy Belt – This is different from a race belt. This is to carry things like your keys, drivers license and maybe a Gu. I do not have one but would like one (in case anyone needs an idea for me). It would make meeting someone for a run a heck of a lot easier. Carrying my keys in my hand drives me crazy and it’s a good idea to carry some money and your I.D. with you – especially on a long run.


3. Good socks – I love quality running socks (though these do not need to be limited to running). There are two brands I love; Smartwool and Balega. However, one pair can run $10 or more so I would be pretty darn happy to see them hanging out in my stocking.


Middle of the Road ($20-$100):

1.Ipod Shuffle I don’t know many people without some type of igadget. In our family of two, there are four of them. Brette loves the size of his shuffle for the running and for taking to the gym. It’s a no fuss gadget that is affordable and still says “cool”.


2. Yoga Mat This is a great gift for a budding yogi, but it also can serve as a stretching mat in your home after a run, bike, or at home workout. This mat is from Lululemon and according to them, is perfect for the yogi on the go. They have some super sweet stuff there, but it’s also super spendy. A Lululemon gift card might not be a bad idea either.


3. Descente Bliss Women’s Bike ShortsI’ve been biking for a long time and have gone through my fair share of spandex shorts (complete with the lifesaving diaper like pad inside). These were introduced to me by Meghan and I love them! They are the most comfortable bike short I own  and they work great for both outdoor biking and for spin class at the gym. The best feature is the waistband. It doesn’t dig into your skin leaving bike short marks (super sexy); it just lays nice a flat.  I have them in black and black with a pink stripe.

I now want them with this red stripe!


4. No Meat Athlete Shirt do you need a gift for a vegetarian runner/cyclist/triathlete/gym rat? This would be an awesome gift. While you’re at the site, I highly suggest you read Matt’s blog. It’s one of my favorites.  (If you order a women’s fit in the performance tee – they run small! I would normally wear a small and I had to get a large).


The back says “Runs on Plants”.

5. Registration to Trinona – I have talked briefly about Brette and I’s involvement in the planning of this event and I admit, this is a shameless plug. It is the best run triathlon in Minnesota – no lie! If the date or location doesn’t work for your loved one, a registration to another event would also work – it just wouldn’t be as cool.

Your spouse could look this happy!

The Gift to Remember ($100 and up)

1. Garmin 405CX – This is the ultimate gadget for a runner or a biker. I gave one to Brette for his birthday since he is a gadget guy and I soon learned that I was apparently a gadget girl. As soon as they went on sale, I picked one up for myself. It is GPS enabled, monitors your heart rate, mile splits, current pace, average pace, distance traveled, and elevation. When you have finished your workout, it downloads everything onto your computer where you can see a map of your route and graphs with your elevation,  heart rate and speed. It is amazing!


2. Thule Hitch Bike Rack – This makes throwing the bike on the back of your car a 3 minute task. It’s sturdy, easy to use and can accommodate up to four bikes. I happened to notice this is currently on sale at REI.


Anything you would add to this list? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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