3 brief reviews

28 Nov

We spent the long weekend in Duluth and actually dined out twice, so I thought I’d do a brief recap restaurant review here.

Lake Avenue Cafe

Friday night we went to dinner with my brother and sister in law. They had never been to the Lake Ave Cafe; Pat and I had been there once about a year ago. Locals have good things to say about it, and we were pleased with our experience last year. This time though, I wasn’t so impressed. I thought the entrees were a bit overpriced. I ordered the ratatouille. It was fine, but nothing special. It was my first time having ratatouille though, so I have nothing to compare it to. (I have a feeling that Jen’s would be better though!) Pat had the falafel platter and says “it was alright. It was fine.” Brother ordered the coq a vin, which he said was good but that he was still hungry after he was finished. Sister in law ordered the ox tail lasagna and described the dish as “rich and kind of greasy.”

We had a reservation for 8:00pm which was not needed- the place was empty. Could be due to us dining out the evening after Thanksgiving- not sure. For not being at all busy that night, the waitress was a bit inattentive, but that didn’t really bother me. Oh! Shortly after we sat down, the mayor of Duluth and the mayor of Minneapolis (and spouses) were just leaving.

I’d go back, maybe just for drinks and a light meal though.

Zeitgeist Arts Cafe

This place is a pretty sweet addition to downtown Duluth. It’s a restaurant, live performance theater, and movie theater all in one building. We dined at the restaurant Saturday night with some high school friends and their spouses. I thought the atmosphere of the place was great, and our waitress did a good job with our large party and the musical chairs we played after we ordered our drinks. She also comped my friend’s meal after putting in an order for the wrong thing with the kitchen. I hadn’t eaten much all day (except for the delicious turkey soup my mom made for lunch) so I was pretty hungry and decided to go with the prix fixe menu. I went with the parsnip and apple soup as my first course, and thought it was decent- maybe a bit bland. My next course was the mesclun salad, which was nothing special (the dressing seemed like it came from a bottle.) My entree was the pork chop, which can only be described as nearly impossible to cut. This may have been poor ordering on my part (the chef suggested it done medium, and I ordered it medium well) or perhaps it was simply a tough cut of meat, but the pork chop was not too enjoyable, especially with the weird shriveled peach things on top. For dessert I had the chocolate torte, and I liked that. I also liked the deconstructed banana cream pie that others ordered. Most others at our table ordered burgers or sandwiches, and I’d probably go that route next time too. My glass of Malbec was heavenly, I might add. And I’d love to catch a film at the theater sometime.

All in all, yes I’d go back.


We stopped at Culver’s in Forest Lake on our drive back to Minneapolis today. The natives were getting restless so we decided to pick our poison in fast food establishments so as to avert a tantrum/potty accident/hunger meltdown in the backseat. We had cheeseburgers and fries and soft drinks (the kid had milk). The cheese is American. The fries are crinkle. The cola is Pepsi. Not much more to say. I think Culver’s is better than McDonald’s. Is that saying much?


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2 Responses to “3 brief reviews”

  1. Weezie November 29, 2010 at 8:06 am #

    My pediatrician neighbor takes her kids to Culver’s now and then;)

  2. Jen L December 1, 2010 at 3:05 pm #

    I’m bummed that you had “eh” food at Lake Ave. Cafe. I really like their food. Maybe it was an off night? I love the deconstructed fish and chips. And the hot fudge sundae (homemade hot fudge!!!) is ah.Mazing.

    I would try Zeitgeist again. Definitely not the pork chop. Maybe a sandwich? Or maybe just the banana cream pie and a giant spoon.

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