a g-chat soup wrap-up

30 Nov

Today is the last day of National Blog Posting Month and I’m happy to say we made it. One post a day – all month long.

Go us!

Anne and I mapped out a plan ahead of time on who was blogging which days, etc. Being fairly Type A (ha!), this worked great for me. So great, I might just do a schedule for myself every month. What a concept!

To wrap up the month, I’m giving you a glimpse at one of Anne’s and my many g-chats we have each week.

Confession: I have a gmail account for one reason: to gchat with Anne. I never use my gmail address. In fact, I think Anne is the only one that has it. I have it open during the day just in case Anne is online and one of us desperately needs to talk to the other.  Many times, our chats are cooking or blog related. Here’s today’s conversation, including bad grammar and random punctuation.

Anne: hey

can you think of a soup recipe off hand that would work well with some of my turkey leftovers?

nothing where i’d make the stock- I don’t have the carcass

just want a quick soup supper tonight

Jen: do you have canned chix or veg broth?

Anne: yes chicken

Jen: I would saute some onions and garlic, then add any other types of veggies you might have (carrots, celery, any root veggie – even potato)

Anne: oh lordy

a non recipe recipe???

Jen: yes, this is what i do when I have odds and ends.

you could add some brown rice (or other grain) once your broth comes to a boil. Simmer until grains are cooked and then add the turkey (you could also add a frozen veg in at this point)

You could throw a can of beans in too if you want it really hearty.

Anne: i have orzo

or rice

and veggies

Jen: Simmer until the turkey and beans/or are hot.

either of those woudl work great.

I meant and/or veggies

Anne: what kind of herbage should I throw in?

Jen: Assuming dried herbs, you could do the thyme – I love that with turkey.

You could also do a cumin/curry mix!

If you wanted to add some heat, you could do some red pepper flakes.

Anne: thx

i better get started on this now to have it ready for 6:00

things take me like 5 times as long

Jen: it’s supposed to be quick and easy!

Anne: ha- I know but nothing is quick and easy with two kids in the house

Jen: If I wasn’t swamped, I’d come over and cook for you.

I have to figure out what to blog about today.

Anne: today’s the last day, right?

Jen: yes. I still have a lots of ideas.

Anne: you could copy and paste this gchat and call ‘er good

Jen: Good idea! I might just do that.

I have a longer term blog idea I want to run by you.

Anne: what’s the idea?

or do you want to talk about it at a later time?

Jen: Later. I have no business gchatting right now. I’m already looking forward to time off over Christmas and I’ve only been back two days.

Anne: ugh

hang in there!

i’ll stop bugging you


This was the highlight of my afternoon. Thanks Anne!

And thank all of you that read every post of November!

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One Response to “a g-chat soup wrap-up”

  1. anne November 30, 2010 at 10:18 pm #

    hahaha! I didn’t actually think you’d post this since you said you had a number of other ideas in mind. Quick update on my soup… it turned out well, but I used too much orzo (and forgot to take the soup off low while I waited for Pat to get home) so lots of the liquid evaporated/got sucked up in the orzo. But it was a hearty meal, and even the small child ate a whole bowl full!

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