holiday highlights

27 Dec

It has been a very busy 4 days around here. In that time, I have not facebooked, tweeted, blogged or e-mailed. It was wonderful. I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things and used to the idea of not having dessert at EVERY meal.

Here are some highlights from our various family gatherings and Christmas celebrations (in no particular order because that is just too hard to decide):

1. Billy Elliot with my god-daughter (and niece). The highlight was actually watching her watch Billy Elliot. Pretty sure I’ve created a monster.

2. Brette’s vanilla caramels. Everyone who ate one, loved them. I may have just popped one into my mouth just this minute.

3. This guy. A big thank you to my in-laws (and to Brette for suggesting it). I’m so excited to have a new member to my Le Crueset family!

4. Watching my brother-in-law, Nick hula-hoop on the Wii Fit. It’s the closest to him dancing that I’ve witnessed. He’s not the most extroverted guy, so this was a bit of a stretch. His willingness to be a good sport was very entertaining to the rest of us.

5. Food gifts!

  • My parent’s secret recipe horseradish pickles (using horseradish made by my dad). These pickles are amazing.

  • Candied almonds made by my god-son (and nephew), Jack. There are fewer in the jar now…

6. Hearing my dad’s laugh. My dad has an awesome laugh. He was laughing as he opened our gift to him: a new ice bucket (they’ve had their current one for about 40 years – no joke) and a bottle of Crown Royal Reserve. He’s likely enjoying a Crown Royal Manhattan as we speak.

7. Attempts of family photos. Every year we try to do a photo on Christmas Eve with Brette’s family. It can sometimes be a production…especially if we involve the dogs.

8. The cioppino tradition. Brette and I do our own Christmas just the two of us (and Lily, of course).  I make cioppino, Brette cracks a bottle of wine and we hunker down in comfy clothes and open our gifts to each other. It’s one of my favorite nights of the year. I must have been good this year because I got some great gifts including a kitchen scale, a snazzy bike helmet, an ihome and a baggalini! I’ve been eyeing the baggalini brand for quite some time, but I’ve never mentioned it before. How cool is that? The man can read my mind.

9. Ice cream stocking stuffer! What’s better than ice cream in your stocking? Izzy’s pumpkin ice cream – my favorite! My hubby is always coming up with cool stocking ideas. This is the second time I’ve received ice cream, but I really hope it’s not the last!

10. The time spent with my family. We are very fortunate to have wonderful families and it was such a pleasure to get to spend time with both of them to celebrate my favorite holiday.

There are many more but I’ll stop at 10. Besides I must start finalizing my food goals for 2011 and my race calendar. So many decisions!

What were your holiday highlights? I hope you were able to spend it with the important people in your life!


One Response to “holiday highlights”

  1. emily (a nutritionist eats) December 28, 2010 at 1:09 pm #

    I had a pretty low-key Christmas with family and in-laws, it was wonderful!

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