dinner – brought to you by the color red

1 Feb

So, I know I highlight my Gourmet Dinner Club pretty regularly. However, I’ve been neglecting to post about my other dinner club: meal of the month.

This group is made up of 4 of my college buddies (including Brette) and their wives, who are now close friends of mine too. We started this group so we always had a reason to get together….at least once a month or so. It has definitely worked! We also all love to eat good food. We’ve been doing this for at least 5 (ish) years. I can’t remember when we actually started. (Friends, can you help me out?) We are a pretty flexible group and it’s common for the host to invite additional guests. We’ve done all sorts of themes – the host gets to choose. During 2010, we did an Iron Chef theme where each month there was a secret ingredient and you couldn’t tell anyone what you were bringing. That was super fun. I always enjoyed it when more than one dessert showed up. There was the time, when we didn’t have ANY desserts. The horror! We all piled into a mini-van and went to Izzy’s. We’re problem solvers like that.

This past weekend, we were hosted at our pal’s Mark and Cat’s (along with their adorable children, Jack and Sophia). The theme was “Red” as a tribute to Jack’s favorite color. It also happens to be my favorite color. Bonus!

There were lots of creative “red” items on the menu.

BK and Carin made a roasted red pepper bruschetta – some with goat cheese and some with blue cheese – and it was drizzled with a basil olive oil. YUM!

I had pomegranate on the brain so a I made a new spin on a guacamole that included mango and pomegranate seeds. (I used this recipe) I served it with red jalapeno chips and regular corn tortilla chips. I liked it but thought it could use a little salt.

Brette made my favorite dish of the night (though they were all good). I’ll be doing a full post on this later this week, because you must make these. He followed a Bobby Flay recipe for Grilled Red Potato Napoleons. They were delightful. My mouth is watering a bit right now thinking about them.

And our hosts made a classic ‘red’ dish: Red Beans and Rice! I’ve never had red beans and rice before so I was so excited that they made it. They followed a this recipe from the Neely’s. I love rice and bean combos. Such a perfect meal.

Brette sported red for the evening (as did I).

Notice anything different about him?

Dessert consisted of Cherry Dilly Bars and a creamy strawberry pie. Can you believe it was my first Dilly Bar? I was always a cone gal. Dipped in sprinkles of course.

I think having a color for a theme is a great idea. You can get very creative with your food. Plus, it’s easy to decorate and you can coordinate your wardrobe!  We had a lovely evening and it a great reason to get caught up with friends I don’t see nearly as much as I’d like.

Gourmet Dinner Club is coming up next weekend so more fun will be had.

Have you had any great themed dinner parties lately? Do tell!


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