Wusthof vs. J.A. Henckels

23 Feb

Sooooooooooooo… what is the dilly yo? Fancy knives are fancy knives – right? Well, I have no idea so I turn to all of  you and your foodie splendor.

T and I had $140 in Macy’s gift certificates to burn up yesterday, yes a dream come true for this kitchen gadget obsessed girl. We both hate shopping of any other kind, unless it involves bikes, so we headed straight to the home area of Macy’s. I had a whole list of little gadgets we “needed” but would never buy unless we randomly had $140 of free money to burn through. How that came about is a whole other story. Low and behold we stumbled upon the knives and they were all 50% off! All sorts of fancy sets of both brands 50% OFF! This meant we could own a brand new Wusthof knife collection originally valued at $400 for $60 – clearly the only logical choice given a dream come true like this. I couldn’t belive it. For years I have coveted the likes of Wusthof and Henckels. YEARS I tell ya!

This is where the questions start swirling about. How do we know which line of Wusthof is best? Are they really that much better than Henckels – I mean seriously how different  can they be? There is stamped vs. forged, a zillion different handle styles – ay mio! Seems almost absurd to have so many choices for a knife. As we walked around and talked to anyone who would offer advice, my enginerd boyfriend chimes in with the only logical solution – price, price, price. He looked at the original price of all options, then took into account all of our discounts as well as surveyed the knives available in each set to find what (by the numbers) appeared to be the most bang for our buck. We then laughed at ourselves for a bit because we spent nearly an hour talking about knives. Kind of ridiculous – but this is a big purchase people.

Alas, we are now the proud owners of a set of Wusthof Grand Prix II. The set includes – 8″ Cooks Knife, 8″ Bread Knife, 3.5″ Paring Knife, 4.5″ Utility Knife, 4 – 4.5″ Steak Knives, Kitchen Shears, 9″ Sharpening Steel and of course the Knife Block. One contributing factor to this choice is that we have an awesome store in NE Minneapolis called Eversharp where you can buy refurbished Wusthof for a fraction of the cost thus allowing us to add to the collection some day. But still…

Did we make the right choice? What types of knives do you use? Is one brand really better than the other? They are still in the box with the receipt. Just sayin… your opinion could change the fate of our kitchen.. FOREVER:)


3 Responses to “Wusthof vs. J.A. Henckels”

  1. Willa February 24, 2011 at 7:18 am #

    Congrats on your purchase!

    One of the most important things is how they feel in your hands. It sounds silly but hold the knives and imitate the motions of cutting, slicing, chopping. Does it feel natural or awkward? Heavy or perfectly weighted?

  2. anne February 24, 2011 at 10:08 am #

    I know nothing about knives, but my favorite is the Wusthof Santuko (I had to look that up to find the name of it.)

  3. Liza February 24, 2011 at 12:37 pm #

    We bought the classic Wusthof knives when we got married 5 years ago. Love them. Rob and I took a knife skills class at Cooks of Crocus Hill a few years ago. The teacher basically said all German knives are the same, good quality. Then he praised the new Japanese knives that were coming out then and are more popular now, saying they were so much better. Though I know their price is steep. I think if they feel good in your hand and you feel comfortable using them, that is what matters. And even with the sharpening rod, still take them into Kitchen Window (or similar place) yearly to get professionally sharpened, makes all the difference.

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