Amanda’s 25 Things

4 Mar

This is the final introduction to the new featured contributors to the blog. Please welcome Amanda!  You can read more about all of these lovely ladies on the new Featured Contributors Page.


1. My favorite song is ‘Groove is in the Heart” by Deeee-Lite. My husband, Dave, and I walked down the aisle to it after saying, “I Do.”

2. I’ll try any food once. I think.

3. I’m a lover of languages, but only speak one fluently: English.

4. Favorite movies: Amadeus and Ghandi.

5. I don’t like microwaving things, but I’m becoming more of a believer thanks to busy schedules. Boo.

6. I’ve done a handful of triathlons, but didn’t really enjoy them. Still, I’m glad I challenged myself.

7. I used to own a pogo stick. I loved it, but it squeaked.

8. I’ve got two brothers (both in L.A.) and a sister in Minnesota.

9. I lived with three male Packers cheerleaders in college.

10. I used to collect hats. I don’t remember why I stopped.

11.  I consider myself to be one of the ‘lucky ones’ with amazing in-laws!

12. During my solo, “On My Own” from Les Miserables, in Paris, I forgot the words!

13. The first time I dyed my hair was when I was 19 at a hair show in Green Bay. Unless you count the times I used kool-aid to color it in high school.

14. My husband and I have weekly battles on how much I spend on groceries.

15. I used to have a dream of being a motivational speaker.

16. I’ve lived in three different countries outside of the U.S. and hope to live in at least one or two more!

17.  I took Tabla (drum) lessons while living in Bangladesh.

18. I wrote depressing poetry in high school.

19.  I was the Easter Bunny at the Mall of America in 2002. Worst job ever.

20. I have a hard time saying “No.”

21. Pizza…pretty sure I eat nothing else for the rest of my life if need be!

22.  With just a few months to go before completing the 27 months of Peace Corps service in Bangladesh, my group was evacuated because of 9/11.

23. Indian and Thai food? Anytime! All the time!

24. I believe in the power of positive thinking.

25. My students teach me something new everyday.


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