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25 things – meghan

16 Feb
To kick off our “meet the contributor” series, here are all sorts of interesting facts about my friend (and sometimes twin), Meghan.
25 things that may or may not have to do with food and exercise that may or may not be humorous.

That is one helluva shroom!

  1. I had a job in college that enabled me to tour every single theme park from North Carolina to Canada and back- I’m a roller coaster pro – what? I would be jealous too.
  2. While touring for said job in Canada they already had veggie dogs at their hot dog vendors in Toronto-yeah that is RAD!
  3. I wish I could create a work space that enabled me to bicycle all day – you know like those walking work stations but a bike station instead.
  4. I’ve been a vegetarian for 17 years. In that time I have had shrimp, scallops and crab legs more than once and felt bad everytime. I also took up fishing this past summer. Feel free to judge.
  5. I compost. Then drink 7up out of a can to compliment my whiskey. Again, feel free to judge.
  6. I do what I can to take care of our resources and the animals on this planet but nobody is perfect.
  7. I bike on my trainer in the basement while watching The Amazing Race dreaming up ways to win the million.
  8. The only two people in my life who I would do The Amazing Race with want nothing to do with it.
  9. I gave up dairy a month ago and I’ve never had more energy in my life. Well maybe when I was 5 but who remembers that?
  10. Tiramisu and Tres Leches owned my heart when I ate dairy and would be a good reason for me to eat dairy again.
  11. At my first job in Minnesota I was obsessed with peanut butter. I would eat a spoonful at 4 p.m. everyday to fuel me up for the gym. My colleagues bought it in gallon sizes for me as a joke – it was the best!
  12. I read cookbooks like novels and own more than I can keep up with.
  13. I did a triathlon once. Pretty sure I did the doggie paddle the entire swim. This, even after I had a professional coach. Thanks Mr. Z-sorry to be your worst student of all time.
  14. Based on outcomes of #13 I now do duathlons and LOVE them.
  15. I am a horrible runner. Every other year I actually like running… which means every other year I don’t. This year I like it!
  16. That may have something to do with the fact that T-dogg bought me a Garmin Forerunner for x-mas and I am straight up GEEKED about it!
  17. I hated olives until I lived with Beth in college. Now they are one of my most favorite foods.
  18. My ex-boyfriend is still one of my best friends – that rules!
  19. Biking is hands down, 100% what I would rather be doing at any given moment on any given day.
  20. I met the love of my life while biking.
  21. The first CD I owned was Vanilla Ice, the second was Ooooooohhh…On the TLC Tip. RIP Left Eye.
  22. I could eat an avocado every day for the rest of my life and never ever get sick of them.
  23. I had a boyfriend once who called me mango due to my obsession with the fruit-it is my favorite nickname to this day.
  24. I’m not a mid-westerner and it is painfully obvious everyday.
  25. However, I LOVE Minnesota and imagine I will be here for a while.

fun announcement!

15 Feb

I am very excited to announce the first of many changes that will be happening to the blog over the next couple of months.

I have contributors! I’m very lucky to know so many smart and intelligent woman who all have perspectives and points of view about food and living a healthy lifestyle. These perspectives need to be shared. They are such a wealth of knowledge.

So in addition to my musings, I will now be featuring regular guests posts from these lovely ladies.

Amanda, Willa, Meghan, Liza and Anne.

I totally feel like the mother hen in this photo.

These women have very different backgrounds and all lead busy full lives. They all have one thing in common. They love food. They love to eat food. They love to eat good food. I love them for that. That’s why I knew I could bribe them with food. It always works – you should try it.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be introducing them to you one at a time, so you can get to know them. They are each going to share 25 super interesting things about themselves.

Remember when I did that in November? This will be very similar.

I’m confident you recognize Anne as she was my co-blogger from the beginning. She’s now taking over a contributor role as her life is way crazier than mine. She also has her own blog here. You can reconnect with Anne by perusing her 25 things.

There will be at least one post a week from one of these fine women. I hope you enjoy reading about food and health from a variety of perspectives as much as I do. I truly find it fascinating.

Bear with me as we go through some other fun changes that include: moving the blog to a new site, a new feel and….. a name change!

Lots of change in the air. Change is good. Who’s with me?

goodbye. so long. farewell.

11 Jan

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, Jen pretty much runs the show on this blog. When we began our blogging partnership I was doing a fair amount of cooking, a fair amount of dining out, and also had a fair amount of time to blog about it all. Since becoming a mom to a second kid last April, I do a lot less of all things food related (unless one considers the cleanup of a gooked-up high chair to be food related [and blog-worthy]), have way less energy to compose my thoughts into a coherent post, and pretty much have been an all-around blog slacker here on She Said. She Said. With that, I am going to hang up the towel as a pseudo food blogger, and will leave Jen to her own very capable and very talented devices.

I know Jen has some great ideas in store for her readers, including a possible name change. You may see me around here at some point as a contributor or guest blogger, too. (If Jen will have me:)

Thanks for reading! It’s been fun!


and before I go, I just wanted to share that this was my favorite post that I was a part of.

a year in review

30 Dec

Sometime over this holiday weekend, I will be posting my food goals and my fitness goals for 2011. How on earth is it 2011? Time is starting to pass a little to fast for me. This time of year definitely gives me pause to ask myself if I enjoy each moment and really live it. Something to ponder for the new year.

Before I get to the new year, I thought I should do a review of this past years and specifically my food goals for 2010. So here goes.

1. Know where my meat comes from….when at all possible.

This was very successful. It helped that I had a vegetarian summer so I didn’t even need to think about it for three months. It also helps that I have hunters in the family, including Brette. The last two deers he has brought home, we have done the butchering and know pretty much everything there is to know about where the meat came from. (contemplating a whole post on butchering a deer – thoughts?) Almost all the other meat I have eaten I have bought from the farmer – either at the grocery store or from the co-op.  Now, there were obviously times while traveling or when with friends, that I wasn’t 100% sure, but my effort was very strong. This is definitely one I will continue to be mindful of.

2. Make my own yogurt.

Success! And it’s completely easy. You can read all about it here. I have kind of gotten away from it over the summer, but will get back into the swing of it  shortly.

3. Cook a lobster.

Tell me you’ve read the lobster post. It’s one of my all time favorites. This was one of the most fun evenings of my year and cooking a lobster is super easy. If it scares you (it sure scared me), do it anyway. And invite some friends.

4. Make more bread.

Well, I did make more bread. However, I did not make it once a month as I had hoped. I did find one bread recipe that we both really like and that I’ve been successful with. The others…not so much. Bread making is something I’d like to be really good at it, but so far I’m better off going to a trusted bakery.

5. Can two new things.

Check! This year in addition to canned tomatoes, I canned strawberry jam, apple rhubarb chutney, salsa and barbecue sauce. I’m really happy with the first three, but I do wish my salsa and bbq sauce had a bit more kick. Next year.

Brette also canned some pickled jalapenos and from what I’ve heard, they turned out well. Pickled jalapenos is not something I reach for in the fridge, so I have yet to try them.

6. Eat at the following restaurants: Restaurant Alma, Lucia’s and Sea Change.

Check, check and check.

You can read my review of Restaurant Alma here. Anyone want to take me there sometime soon?

Sea Change was a delightful evening with some of the best atmosphere the city has to offer.

I actually went to Lucia’s twice…and never wrote about it! I went there once for lunch and once for dinner. I enjoyed myself both times, though the dinner provided better food. As I said, I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t an OMG experience. It’s just really good food.

With the exception of the bread, I think I nailed my goals for this year. In addition, here are some of my favorite events of 2010:

1. Anne had a baby! Talk about news. And early indications show that little Sam likes to eat, so we’ll let him stick around. Because Anne is not one to brag, I will. Aren’t her kids adorable??

Note: I completely stole this photo from Anne’s other blog. You should check it out to see other cute photos of her family.

2. Sugar Bushing! I have never appreciated maple syrup more now that I know what goes into making it. This is probably my favorite post of 2010.

this takes concentration

3. Pizza on the Farm – the first outing (outside of our houses) of the Gourmet Dinner Club. It was such a fun experience and if you ever have the chance, you should go.

I love the color of this building.

4. Going to Valley Fair for my birthday. Nothing like going on crazy rides and feeling “off” for two days afterwards to start off the big 33.

5. Training and running the Mankato Half Marathon – it wasn’t always fun, but I still loved most minutes of it. I can’t wait to do it again!

6. Blog facelift. Anne and I spent quite a bit of time spiffing up the blog, adding some new pages and some new features. There are some thoughts underway for this next year, but we’d love you’re input!

So, two questions today as you are celebrating the ending of one year and the fresh start of another.

1. Ideas for my 2011 food goals? So far I only have one. Help!

2. What would you like to see on the blog? More recipes? More fitness stuff? More restaurant stuff? More random ramblings? Anything specific? We’re listening!  I have had two emails recently with topic ideas that will definitely be addressed. We’re always looking for ideas.

Thanks for a fabulous 2010 and cheers to wonderful New Year!

a g-chat soup wrap-up

30 Nov

Today is the last day of National Blog Posting Month and I’m happy to say we made it. One post a day – all month long.

Go us!

Anne and I mapped out a plan ahead of time on who was blogging which days, etc. Being fairly Type A (ha!), this worked great for me. So great, I might just do a schedule for myself every month. What a concept!

To wrap up the month, I’m giving you a glimpse at one of Anne’s and my many g-chats we have each week.

Confession: I have a gmail account for one reason: to gchat with Anne. I never use my gmail address. In fact, I think Anne is the only one that has it. I have it open during the day just in case Anne is online and one of us desperately needs to talk to the other.  Many times, our chats are cooking or blog related. Here’s today’s conversation, including bad grammar and random punctuation.

Anne: hey

can you think of a soup recipe off hand that would work well with some of my turkey leftovers?

nothing where i’d make the stock- I don’t have the carcass

just want a quick soup supper tonight

Jen: do you have canned chix or veg broth?

Anne: yes chicken

Jen: I would saute some onions and garlic, then add any other types of veggies you might have (carrots, celery, any root veggie – even potato)

Anne: oh lordy

a non recipe recipe???

Jen: yes, this is what i do when I have odds and ends.

you could add some brown rice (or other grain) once your broth comes to a boil. Simmer until grains are cooked and then add the turkey (you could also add a frozen veg in at this point)

You could throw a can of beans in too if you want it really hearty.

Anne: i have orzo

or rice

and veggies

Jen: Simmer until the turkey and beans/or are hot.

either of those woudl work great.

I meant and/or veggies

Anne: what kind of herbage should I throw in?

Jen: Assuming dried herbs, you could do the thyme – I love that with turkey.

You could also do a cumin/curry mix!

If you wanted to add some heat, you could do some red pepper flakes.

Anne: thx

i better get started on this now to have it ready for 6:00

things take me like 5 times as long

Jen: it’s supposed to be quick and easy!

Anne: ha- I know but nothing is quick and easy with two kids in the house

Jen: If I wasn’t swamped, I’d come over and cook for you.

I have to figure out what to blog about today.

Anne: today’s the last day, right?

Jen: yes. I still have a lots of ideas.

Anne: you could copy and paste this gchat and call ‘er good

Jen: Good idea! I might just do that.

I have a longer term blog idea I want to run by you.

Anne: what’s the idea?

or do you want to talk about it at a later time?

Jen: Later. I have no business gchatting right now. I’m already looking forward to time off over Christmas and I’ve only been back two days.

Anne: ugh

hang in there!

i’ll stop bugging you


This was the highlight of my afternoon. Thanks Anne!

And thank all of you that read every post of November!

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eeking it out

29 Nov

Please accept this lovely picture of churros y chocolate as my final post for NaBloPoMo 2010.


23 Nov

The best thing I drank: Teavana Samurai Chai Mate

The best thing I ate: pumpkin ice cream

The best thing I watched: Parenthood


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