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Boat dayz. 

19 Jun

Are the best dayz. 



22 May

As you’ve heard, I love our neighborhood. Love. One of the highlights of the year for me is our annual art festival Art-A-Whirl. 

We can walk out of our front door and experience thousands of local artists, music and more. 

Plus it gives us an excuse to host a party of our own for folks to get some AC, snacks, bevvies, and sunscreen. 

So thankful for these moments. So thankful. 

Seeeeeeesters day. 

13 Mar

Me, my sisters in-law, brunch, facials. 

Time with people who matter most. 

Grateful for every second!

The farm. 

21 Feb

Takes my breath away everytime. 

Helps recenter me everytime. 

Make your own pizza night. 

8 Feb

Today I’m grateful for dinner parties with great friends!

As you’ve read… I love people in our home. We love hosting casual dinner parties. They often center around making something that everyone can be a part of. 

This Saturday we had Cathy and Mike over for make your own pizza. It was a blast. 

These pics didn’t turn out that well but you get the point. 

Even Webster got a new toy from Auntie Cathy and Uncle Mike!

Great conversation. Great food. Great cocktails. Great friends!

Plain grateful for life today. You?

The kindness of strangers. 

21 Jan

Today my heart is full today of gratitude for the kindness of strangers. 

I’m on the work part of my California adventure. I embarked on my public transportation journey to our local office and was… well… a little dusty in my skilz. 

It’s funny how quickly we adapt to our surroundings. But more so, how quickly we lose certain innate skill sets. Me + public transportation used to be best friends. Now, not so much. 

But not to worry. These Califonians sure are swell. So many strangers helping answer so many questions. 

I made it from San Fran to Oakland and back in style. 

Thank you strangers. Thank you California for your gifts! 

The Ride of a Lifetime…

17 Mar

What up folks? It’s me, Meghan.

Did the Ride of a Lifetime on March 6 and it was… well… DOPE! Perfect way to spend a chilly Sunday morning. The ROAL, because I am already sick of typing the whole thing out, is an event put on by Life Time Fitness billed as the world’s largest cycling class. Last year was the first year and apparently they broke a Guinness Book of World Record. Who knew there was such a record?


It was a two-hour indoor spin class held at the St. Paul River Center with more than 1,000 sexy people in spandex. Okay, okay, the sexy part is debatable but you get the point. It was decked out. Banners everywhere, fruit and coffee aplenty, coat check, and the best part… 1,000 stationary bikes fully equipped with clean towels and a brandy new free water bottle. Suh-weet!

Life Time Fitness CEO, Bahram Akradi led the majority of the “class” along with four of his best spin instructors in the country. Not the annoying instructors who pick the worst music possible… The ones who basically make you angry just listening to them talk… The ones you are stuck with because it is the only class that fits in your schedule. These were four of his top spin instructors in the entire country! Again I say, dope.

On to the ride…

Once you get past your typical “How we feeling? I can’t here you! I said how we feeling?” crap and of course the obligatory “when I say hey, you say ho” hoopla the ROAL was yep, you guessed it, dope. What? A live DJ? Okay I guess that is kinda cool. Oh and now you wanna spin Michael Jackson, Prince and a lil Janet all while the live drummer next to you goes to town on his sick bongo set. Oh okay, I guess that is average. Oh, and what is that? All I have to do is sit here and listen to you tell me what to do for two hours, watch you have a blast on stage and in turn I burn 1,200 calories? And then as if that isn’t enough, you have dozens of volunteers running around with clean towels, fruit, energy gels and they want to refill my water bottle for me? BRING IT ON!

The event cost me $50. That $50 earned me a Life Time Fitness cycling club jersey and all of the aforementioned goodies plus the extra water bottle I snagged on the way out for good measure. Next year it will only cost me $20 because now I own the jersey. Totally worth it.

Look at all those bikers!

If you live in Minnesota you are painfully aware that we still have a bit of winter to endure and these next few weeks are among the toughest to get through because it should just be spring already – for the love of god! Are there any fun random things like this in your neck of the woods? What are you doing to keep your sanity during these indoor training months? Can I come?